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Tips for Maintaining Your Faith in Sobriety

Recovering from any addiction comes with highs and lows. Once you reach complete sobriety, the recovery journey has only just begun. Maintaining sobriety takes strength and commitment, and this process is a life-long practice one will need to live by. Many people may use faith as guidance and motivation to stay on the right path. This spirituality factor can have a lot of benefits for those who had to fight for their lives. If faith was a main component to your addiction treatment journey, you may be wondering how you can incorporate it in everyday life to guide your recovery efforts. Our Christian drug rehab professionals provide tips for maintaining faith in addiction recovery, so you don’t lose the inspiration you once started with.

Remember How Far You’ve Come

By taking a moment to reflect on the recovery journey, this will give you hope that God was on your side the entire time. At one point in time, you might’ve hit rock bottom with addiction. However, you were able to pick yourself up and seek the treatment that you needed. Throughout this treatment process, faith has given you strength to push through some of the most difficult times in your life. Just a simple reminder of your past and present can allow you to preserve your faith.

Read the Bible

If you are feeling lost or lonely, take the time to read Bible excerpts. These powerful words will help you reconnect with God and provide you with meaning. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in reality and forget to turn to our faith in difficult moments. Certain bible verses can get us through the day with words of wisdom.

Go to a Sober Meeting

Attending a sober meeting at a faith-based treatment center will allow you to stay accountable as well as provide you with inspiration from other sober individuals. Connecting with others in the sober community will provide you with support and motivation to keep up with your faith.

If the recovery journey has been hard for you lately, reconnecting with your faith can help you stay on track. For more information on the treatment plans our Christian drug rehab provides, contact Faith in Recovery at 888-280-4763 today. We can help you change your life for the better!


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