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March 25, 2019
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April 19, 2019

Do I Need to Continue Therapy after Treatment

During your time at our faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center, you will participate in various treatment programs and therapies that follow spiritual principles and begin your journey to sober living.

Like most treatment centers, our faith-based drug rehab will also include individual and group therapy sessions.

Once you are formally out of our program, that doesn’t mean that your therapy needs to stop. While you are certainly not required to continue therapy after drug rehab and we cannot force you to do so, continuing therapy after rehab will only help you as you transition back to your everyday life.

Why You Should Continue Therapy After Drug Treatment

As part of our Christian-based treatment in Pompano Beach, we believe in the power of therapy and strongly suggest you continue it after treatment. Recovery from an addiction is a life-long process that requires effort and hard work. Whether you decide to continue therapy after addiction treatment individually or in a group, therapy will provide you with numerous benefits.

Returning to your everyday routine can be scary and cause you to feel uncertain. The “real world” is full of drug triggers and tempting situations. In order to help cope with this new situation, therapy may be the answer and could prevent you from falling back into bad habits.

Group therapy could help you connect with other recovering addicts who are going through the same process as you. Not only will this group therapy provide you with a support group, but also it may give you hope for your future as you interact with people who have been sober longer than you have.

Therapy after addiction treatment will also help you continue your journey of personal growth and keep you accountable. You could use therapy to continue to strengthen your relationship with God and practice prayer for addiction. Therapy is beneficial for people in and out of addiction treatment so why not continue it to keep working towards becoming your best self.

Continued Treatment Options

Part of your Christian recovery programs with us will include substance abuse education and a discussion on drug triggers. While these are helpful tools for continued addiction treatment, it may not be enough. At Faith in Recovery, we also offer an aftercare program to help you maintain sobriety as you transition into your everyday life. The alumni recovery program will connect you with other people who have also successfully gone through our addiction recovery programs. If you relapse after initial treatment, that is okay, but you should enter into a stabilization program immediately. At our faith-based addiction treatment in Pompano, our stabilization program will keep you from falling down that slippery slope and help you prevent a second relapse.

If you or a loved one is looking for a way to overcome an addiction and start your recovery process, or to continue it, our faith-based treatment in Pompano Beach can help you every step of the way.


Contact us today at 888-280-4763 to learn more information about which program is right for you and how to live a sober life after rehab.