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April 19, 2019
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How to Reconnect with God During Recovery

It is natural to get caught up in your addiction and to lose sight of what is most important to you like family, friends, and faith.

Although you may have let drugs and alcohol cause you to lose your way, it is never too late to reconnect with God.

As a Christian rehab facility, we believe in the power of God to guide you through even your darkest days – addiction recovery certainly qualifies. Addiction recovery is a great time to find strength with God, so we have put together some steps to reconnect with God during recovery.

Finding Renewed Faith in Recovery

There are many ways to reconnect with God during addiction recovery. In order to truly strengthen your faith, you should commit to these practices and find the processes that work best for you.

One of the best ways to reconnect with God during recovery is to join some sort of faith-focused group. These may include a church group, Bible study, or even a Christian book club. These groups will provide support systems that will be there for you not only during the recovery process but also in times when your faith begins to waver. Surrounding yourself with other strong faithful people can remind you of the importance of faith if you start to question your own.

Pray. Addiction recovery is a good time for self-reflection and finding forgiveness for your sins. John 1:9 says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” In order to move forward you must forgive yourself and when your prayers are answered you will discover renewed faith.

Practice the 12 steps. Developed originally by Alcoholic Anonymous, the 12-Step Program is a Christian recovery program that follows a faith-based treatment track. It can help guide you through the addiction recovery process specifically while strengthening your relationship with God.

If you are serious about wanting to find renewed faith in recovery, then you should consider a Christian drug rehab like ours. Our faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center in Pompano Beach is designed specially with this idea in mind and has a plethora of unique therapies that will work to strengthen your relationship with God during the recovery process.

If you or your loved one is in need of addiction treatment and is looking to integrate faith into addiction recovery, our treatment is the smart choice. Do not waste any more time.


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