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Christian Books to Read During Recovery

Books can inspire you. Books can transport you. And books can transform you.

You just need to be reading the right ones. Luckily, our faith-based recovery program is sharing our favorite Christian addiction recovery books to help you through this trying time.

List of Christian Books for Addiction Recovery

As part of our Christian recovery programs, we have a few recommendations that we encourage our patients to read during their time at our treatment center.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

To start off their days, our patients will read from this book. In Jesus Calling, Young has daily writing as if Jesus were addressing the reader himself. It will be comforting to feel like Jesus is talking to you directly during this time when you are struggling.

Impact Devotional Series by Anthony Acampora

The second book of our Daily Devotional group at Faith in Recovery, this book focuses on Acampora’s experience as a chaplain and ministry directory He passes on his knowledge and personal experiences to help you overcome your own struggles and suffering.

Overcoming Emotional Obstacles Through Faith by Anthony Acampora

Recovering addicts often feel regretful about their behavior from their addiction. In order to overcome this addiction guilt and shame, the book discusses the author’s personal struggles and how he overcame these obstacles through his faith. His own stories will help you learn how you can apply God’s teachings to your own life, especially as you are going through your own addiction struggles.

The Bible

Perhaps the most important and also obvious Christian addiction recovery books is The Bible. Reading The Bible cover to cover may not always be the best approach; instead, join a Bible studies group so that you can focus on smaller sections at the same time. You will also be able to pull out the underlying message when discussing passages with a group. This will help you integrate faith into your addiction recovery.

More Reading on Your Own Time

While our faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center focuses on the books listed above, there are plenty of other Christian addiction recovery books that you can read on your own to continue to strengthen your relationship with God long after you leave our rehab center. Some other books to consider are Knowing God, Wild at Heart, and The Case for Faith. These books will give you strength and help you maintain your faith throughout your recovery process be it only a week in or years of being sober.

If you or someone close to you is looking for a Christian rehab to overcome addiction, reach out to us immediately. With help from us and faith in the Lord, you can overcome your addiction and move forward with your life.


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