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KORN’s Brian “Head” Welch Explains Addiction and Religion

Brian “Head” Welch is a guitarist and one of the founding members of the band KORN.

When the heavy metal band rose in popularity, so did Welch’s drug addiction. Welch struggled to handle the rock n’ roll lifestyle and began falling to drugs and alcohol. Our Christian residential addiction treatment in South Florida is reviewing Welch’s struggle as well as his revival thanks, in part, to his faith.

Welch’s Drug Addiction

In particular, Welch’s drug addiction included abusing crystal meth while on tour and constantly partying. While methamphetamine was his drug of choice, he admits to trying and taking various different drugs. He leaned on these substances to escape from his feelings of never being good enough. His addiction was getting in the way of his career and also his relationship with his daughter. Eventually, Welch decided he needed to make a change. He left the band, sought help for this substance abuse problems, and he continued to struggle financially. He claims his faith was one the of the biggest factors in helping him get and stay sober.

Welch’s Addiction to Religion

In 2005, Welch found God and claims that it was at this time that he became a born-again Christian. He is not the only celebrity to overcome addiction with religion, but some people are questioning him.

Some critics suggest that Welch replaced his drug addiction with an addiction to religion. Speaking from personal experience, Welch explains addiction and religion by saying, “When you do drugs — a substance like cocaine, for instance — it… makes you feel this euphoria or this pleasure and this high. That's a natural way to get high or feel pleasure or a euphoria like that. There's a supernatural way that you can feel that euphoria and that high and that pleasure, and that comes from the spirit.”

For Welch, his religion and faith in God have saved him. When Welch explains addiction and religion, he describes a healthier way to get high, rather than the drug high he desperately sought when he was an addict. He rejoined the band in 2013 and has preached the word of the Lord to others since becoming sober. Welch’s daughter has also struggled with poor mental health and their complicated relationship has been explored in more depth in the documentary Loud Krazy Love. For others who are struggling with addiction, Welch’s story is a prime example of how faith in God may be able to save you.

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