Involving Family in Recovery
June 3, 2020
Bible Verses About Healing That Can Help in Your Recovery Journey
July 1, 2020
Involving Family in Recovery
June 3, 2020
Bible Verses About Healing That Can Help in Your Recovery Journey
July 1, 2020

The Best Faith-Based Relapse Prevention Strategies

Recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Life outside of Christian residential treatment is filled with triggers that can quickly send someone back down the path of addiction.

It takes effort to stay on the right track, and sometimes people struggle to find the strength to do so. In some cases, faith can provide people with the strength they need to carry on and avoid relapse.

Faith-Based Relapse Prevention Strategies & Techniques

Faith is more than a belief in God; it is a guiding principle for many people and a reliable source of support during the recovery process. For these people, these faith-based drug and alcohol relapse prevention strategies could be the difference between relapse and lasting sobriety.


Whether you recite your favorite passages in your mind, or you participate in a Bible study, turning to scripture when you are feeling vulnerable can reinforce your faith and remind you that God is there. If you can find passages that specifically relate to your life or how you are feeling, this relapse prevention strategy is usually even more effective.


Another good faith-based relapse prevention strategy is Christian meditation in recovery. Along with improving overall awareness, this form of meditation focuses on God’s grace. For recovering addicts who are struggling with drug cravings, this meditation method can help them separate themselves from outside triggers, collect themselves mentally, and realign themselves with their faith.


One of the easiest faith-based relapse prevention methods to practice is prayer. Whenever you are feeling triggered or experiencing addiction cravings, stop and pray. You can ask God to give you the strength to help you make it past these cravings as well as hope for a sober future. You can also keep a prayer journal and write in it whenever you feel compelled. Not only can the power of prayer help you find strength, but also it can increase self-control and decrease unhealthy behaviors.1

Listen to Music

Stress, depression, and anxiety are all overwhelming emotions that can lead to relapse. For some people, more traditional faith-based relapse prevention strategies may not always work to decrease these emotions but listening to music might. Research suggests that listening to music can help people achieve self-awareness and better regulate their mood.2 There are plenty of Christian songs for recovery that could help you achieve these benefits while also strengthening your faith and avoiding relapse.

Outpatient Help

If you find yourself continuing to struggle and fear that you may relapse, it may be time to ask for professional assistance. Christian outpatient programs allow people to regularly participate in programming and therapies while still mostly maintaining their normal routines.


Staying sober can be a challenge, so at Faith in Recovery we give our patients the tools they need to stay sober long after their treatment program is complete. If you or a loved one is ready to get sober, call us today at 888-280-4763.


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