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September 22, 2020
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Finding Hope in Recovery from Addiction

To be successful long-term, hope and recovery should go hand-in-hand.

Early recovery can be especially trying and leave people feeling defeated. Along with physical withdrawal symptoms, a drug detox program often includes psychological hurdles as well. It is not uncommon for people to feel depressed, irritable, and utterly hopeless as they try to adjust.

The Importance of Hope in Recovery 

Unfortunately, feelings of hopelessness can ultimately make recovery unsuccessful and lead to relapse. In some cases, people turn to drugs and alcohol in the first place because of these feelings of despair. When they cannot escape their negative thoughts, these substances may be able to numb the pain. In recovery, these emotions and feelings of hopelessness can trigger cravings that can be overwhelming.

In other cases, hopelessness can hinder the recovery journey. If people feel like they are not making any progress or that things will never get better, they may stop trying. Eventually, this may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy, and they could fall back into their addiction.  

Instead of letting these negative feelings get the best of your sobriety, finding hope in recovery could be what you need to make it through these tough times.  

How to Find Hope in Recovery 

Hope in sobriety is different for everyone. For some people, hope is hearing other peoples’ testimonials who have been in a similar situation and made it through. For others, hope comes from relying on faith and trusting in God. Whether you recently left rehab or you have been in recovery for several years now, it is important to maintain hope in recovery even when times get tough. Our Christian residential treatment center is sharing some tips on how to find hope in recovery so that your sobriety can be long-lasting. 

Get Support 

Many people who feel hopeless also feel alone. They may believe they have no one to count on so facing recovery alone becomes a lot more overwhelming. Having the support of others during your recovery journey can help lift you up. Find a home-base recovery meeting, join a church group, talk to a spiritual leader, and be open with friends and family. Being surrounded by those you want to support you can reassure that others will be there to pick you up when you fall and give you hope for when times get challenging. 


The benefits of prayer in recovery can be more helpful than many people realize. Not only can prayer allow you to reach out to a higher power for help, but also it can help you feel less alone. If you are too afraid to reach out to someone else for help, prayer allows you to voice your struggles privately and feel heard. You may also find that your prayers are answered. 

Find Your Passion 

Finding hope in sobriety may be more about finding your passion. Some people begin to feel hopeless because they may feel like they have nothing to live for and their days will never get better. Finding something you feel passionate about can give your life more purpose and reason. It may also give you something to look forward to regularly that can push you to keep moving forward. 

Focus on the Positives

Having hope in recovery is about looking at the bright side of things. All too often, people in early recovery will dwell on the negatives, but this type of thinking can leave someone feeling bogged down and overwhelmed. In some cases, this type of negative thinking may have been a big cause of your substance abuse in the first place. Instead, make a conscious effort to think positively. The more you can look on the bright side, the more hope you will have that things will continue to get better. 

Although many people do not realize it, finding and maintaining hope in early recovery is imperative to long-term success in sobriety. Early recovery comes with many hurdles but maintaining hope can help you overcome these challenges and make it to better days. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, there is hope. Our Christian-based rehab helps people just like you move past their substance abuse problems and work toward a brighter tomorrow.

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