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Partial Hospitalization Programs for Addiction

A partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is an intensive addiction treatment program that has daily therapeutic programming and 24-hours of available staff support. A faith-based partial hospitalization program follows all of the same principles of a typical PHP but with spirituality at the center of these therapies. If you are looking for a Christian addiction recovery program, a faith-based PHP may be the answer to your prayers.

Why Choose Faith in Recovery’s PHP

Unlike other faith-based treatment tracks, Faith in Recovery is designed specifically with faith at the core of the addiction treatment process, not as an afterthought. Because of our spiritual ideals, our faith-based PHP in Pompano gives patients the opportunity to overcome their substance abuse problems while also working on their relationship with God. Prior to admission, we perform assessments for all incoming patients to determine if the PHP level of care is the best choice for them.

Daily Programming

Our faith-based PHP is structured in a way that mimics a real-life setting while receiving full-time treatment and 24-hour support. It consists of therapeutic and spiritual programming 5 to 7 days per week, 8 hours per day. Group therapy sessions are held daily so patients can connect with others who may be in various stages of the recovery process and who are also looking to renew their faith during the difficult time. Patients also attend primary caseloads that provide a smaller, more intimate setting for therapy as well as gender-specific groups. Along with group meetings, patients will meet with their individual therapists who have professed their faith on a regular basis for one-on-one addiction help. Our program director and Chaplain is on-staff to offer his guidance as well.

Because addiction is an all-encompassing disorder, our Christian drug rehab in Pompano also has a variety of unique treatment programs to address the physical, mental, and spiritual concerns of our patients as they partake in the faith-based PHP. Some of these treatments include chiropractic services, acupuncture, yoga, SMART recovery, 12 Step program, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

24-Hour Support

At our Christian rehab in Florida, we believe that substance abuse treatment isn’t like a nine-to-five job; you shouldn’t clock out at the end of the day and have the whole weekend off. Addiction treatment requires full-time attention, and our treatment specialists are available 24/7 to help. The clients will spend most of their day in programming at our facility before they are transported back to Banyan’s structured housing where they are living while receiving care. These sober living facilities create a comfortable and supportive environment away from the drug triggers of your typical life. Patients will have 24-hour staff support and are surrounded by peers who are going through the same process as they are. Patients will also be encouraged to participate in outside 12-step meetings and healthy recreational habits like exercise programs and prayer. The development of this healthy routine will provide a solid foundation for long-term addiction recovery success.

You are stronger than your addiction. With a little help from God and our faith-based addiction recovery in Pompano, you can be well on your way to sober and faithful living. Call now: (877) 669-0598