Partial Hospitalization Program

Faith in Recovery Partial Hospitalization Program

At Banyan, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) consists of therapeutic programming which is 5-7 days per week, 8 hours per day. The programming includes individual, group and family therapy. Therapy sessions and groups are held daily, and clients meet with their therapists individually on a weekly basis. Clients attend primary caseloads that provide a smaller, more intimate setting for therapy as well as gender-specific groups. They average length of stay in this program is typically 30-45+ days. The Banyan Pompano Beach location and the Faith in Recovery Program offer this level of care. Prior to admission, we perform assessments for all incoming patients to determine if the PHP level of care is appropriate for them based on their clinical needs.

Clients dealing with mental health issues as well as struggling with addictions may benefit from the structural foundation of PHP treatment. The program is structured in a way to mimic a real-life setting while receiving full-time treatment and 24-hour support. The clients will spend most of their day in programming at our facility, and then they are transported back to Banyan’s structured housing where they are living while receiving care. At all times, our certified technicians ͞techs͟͟ are available to assist clients and securely transport them to and from our facilities.

We believe that substance abuse treatment doesn’t end at 5pm, or on the weekends and so our treatment specialists are trained to aid in the process of recovery throughout this difficult adjustment period.

Banyan provides chiropractic services, acupuncture, yoga and a Biofeedback Serenity Bed that helps reduce stress and anxiety. We have an excellent medical staff which provides our clients with any medical services they might need in addition to the therapeutic programming.