Faith in Recovery Christian Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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About Faith in Recovery

Faith in Recovery is a Non-denominational Christ-centered, faith-based program for those who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction or mental health disorders. This addiction recovery program is designed to allow patients to establish or restore their faith and relationship with God while also addressing their addiction. The program integrates clinical therapies and faith-based ideas into a personalized Christian program. Faith in Recovery is an all-inclusive, separate program. Similar types of programs consist only of a Bible study and a weekly off-site church service. Faith in Recovery is a comprehensive faith-based treatment track. We approach treatment from a spiritual and clinical perspective and all patients are assigned a therapist for their clinical needs. We also have a full-time program director and chaplain for all Biblical needs.

All are Welcome

Our faith-based treatment in Pompano Beach welcomes people from all walks of life. Our patients come from various backgrounds including Atheists, Agnostics, Judaism, those who grew up Christian and fell away, and those coming out of the occult. With our Christian rehab, we successfully treat addiction as well as strengthen our patients’ relationships with God and establish a spiritual foundation for recovery. If you are seeking that spiritual connection during treatment, then Faith in Recovery is the right treatment approach for you. We stand by the guidelines that all are welcome no matter your religious affiliation or background. Our faith-based addiction treatment program believes in utilizing individualized treatment methods for each of our patients and we properly assess them before treatment begins.

Faith-Based Recovery

We approach addiction and mental health issues from a spiritual perspective and are a fully integrated faith-centered program in conjunction with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. The Faith in Recovery program at Banyan Treatment Center allows all individuals to change their lives for the better by growing spiritually through recovery. We believe that it is important to combine the spiritual component with other clinical programming including education, clinical groups, relapse prevention, and individual clinical sessions. Whether you are suffering from an opiate addiction or looking for meth addiction treatment, we are here to help you strengthen your faith during the recovery process.

Unique Programs and Therapies

Some of the Christian programming we offer includes partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient program, and introductory groups for medically monitored detox and residential drug and alcohol treatment. At Banyan, we pride ourselves in providing customized care for all patients and our Faith in Recovery program allows us to treat patients with long-term success and growth in mind. We believe that combining spiritual and faith-based therapy with traditional treatment programs allow our patients to fully heal and recover from addiction. If you are suffering from substance abuse and you feel like there is nowhere to turn, we can help you begin your spiritual journey because it is possible to take control over your addiction.

Addiction can be a dark and lonely place, but it’s never too late to strengthen your relationship with God while getting the treatment you need. Take that leap of faith and contact our Christian drug rehab today.