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Vivitrol Relapse Prevention

Vivitrol is a monthly prescription injection that is used for the treatment of alcohol and opioid addiction. This prescription injection is an antagonist or blocking medication, it blocks opioid receptors in the brain, and curbs the cravings that lead to relapse. When Vivitrol is used in conjunction with therapy the chances of relapse are less likely. Vivitrol allows the brain to be more open for available treatment by blocking those euphoric feelings an individual would have from being under the influence of alcohol or opioids. A proper medical detox is required before the use of Vivitrol, and then should be combined with substance addiction therapy. The chance of relapse diminishes significantly because of the substantial decrease in cravings. Our Vivitrol Program is available for clients who are struggling with alcohol and/or opioid addiction. An assessment will be given by our medical staff to determine if Vivitrol is an acceptable intervention and should be added to an individual’s custom treatment plan.