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Nondenominational Drug Addiction Treatment

For many people looking to overcome a substance abuse problem, regular treatment may not enough. Addiction is more than a physical or mental struggle; it can also involve a spiritual journey for many people. Devout Christians or those looking to reconnect with their Christian faith probably want a rehab that offers Christian addiction treatment programs that incorporate religious practices into the entire recovery process. The only problem is that there are millions of Christian denominations in the world so finding a rehab that will cater to your specific needs can be problematic and difficult.

Nondenominational Christian Addiction Programs in South Florida

At Faith in Recovery, we want to be the answer for these people. While we welcome people from all different religions looking to connect spiritually during their time in treatment for a substance abuse problem, a large number of our patients practice Christianity. Because Christianity is so diverse, we offer nondenominational addiction programs so that everyone from every form of Christianity can feel welcome here. By creating an approach to treatment that incorporates general Christian practices, our goal is not to alienate anyone, but to create a strong community. Treatment is hard enough without feeling like your beliefs and religious views are not being accepted.

Just like Christianity, drug abuse and addiction also come in many different forms. Everyone is unique. People have different needs and religious views, so an effective treatment plan needs to take these differences into account. This is where nondenominational addiction treatment can help. We do our best to provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan that looks at our general Christian practices and how they can meet their specific addiction and religious needs.

During their time in everything from our residential to outpatient faith-based programs, our patients will undergo one-on-one therapy sessions with a trained specialist who also has a strong sense of faith. With these sessions, patients can speak openly and freely in a non-judgmental environment about everything from their past addiction problems to their ongoing struggles with their faith. We also have a Chaplain that patients can reach out to for religious guidance during their time with us. Because religion is a community, our nondenominational addiction treatment includes group therapy sessions. Through these sessions, patients will be able to connect with peers who have the same belief and views. The result is often a greater sense of connection that can be beneficial to the healing process as a whole.

With general Christian practices including the 12-steps and a Daily Devotional group for addiction recovery, patients will be exposed to a variety or faith-based programs and therapies. These programs are designed to be nondenominational while also fulfilling a patient’s specific needs. Patients may also find that one program is more conducive to their needs than another and can focus their attention on these programs.

Whether you are looking for a faith-based rehab for yourself or someone you love, we want to be there for you. With our help as well as God’s guidance, you too can beat your addiction and more forward with a happier, healthier, and more faithful life.