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Telehealth Rehabilitation for Addiction

Faith in Recovery is one of the several drug rehabilitation centers that have implemented telehealth in their addiction treatment services. Although telemedicine treatment has been around for a while, the current coronavirus pandemic has made it an asset in the addiction treatment field. Like many other healthcare providers, our specialists were concerned about the impact that social distancing and quarantine would have on our patients’ progress. While we respect and support the parameters instituted due to the pandemic, we also understand that the isolation, anxiety, and loneliness that the pandemic has contributed to has increased the risk of relapse and caused it in many recovering addicts. In response, we’ve added telehealth Christian counseling and substance abuse treatment options to our levels of substance abuse treatment.

How Does Telehealth for Addiction Work?

Telehealth and telemedicine are umbrella terms used to describe health care that’s offered through technology and via the internet. Online treatment programs for addiction and other forms of health care are offered when in-person treatment options aren’t available. Due to COVID-19, the need for outpatient telemedicine options increased, requiring treatment facilities to expand their services to meet their patients’ needs. We’re offering telemedicine accessibility for addiction treatment to patients, not only at our Christian drug rehab but also at all of Banyan Treatment Centers nationwide. We’re utilizing these efforts to ensure that our patients stay on track with their treatment no matter what.

Our Nationwide Christian Counseling & Telehealth for Addiction

Our Christian telehealth rehabilitation for addiction was created to offer patients an additional option for treatment. We understand that many of our patients are concerned about their safety during the pandemic. Our faith-based telehealth rehabilitation program allows them to complete their treatment programs remotely. With this, we hope to grant them peace of mind when it comes to their safety and their recovery.

The concept of telehealth access to care for substance abuse treatment stemmed from the isolation caused by the pandemic. Although the need to social distance and quarantine from others to keep everyone safe is understandable, it’s also been hard on individuals who are receiving treatment for their addictions. Consistency and reliability are important in our field, but they were slightly affected when the coronavirus pandemic hit. To combat this change and adjust so that our patients could still receive the treatment they need while staying safe, we implemented telehealth services.

In addition to an added measure of safety, our Christian telehealth program for addiction also offers flexibility for patients with busy schedules and responsibilities outside of treatment. For instance, patients in our outpatient treatment program usually work on transitioning back to life outside of rehab while applying their newly learned relapse prevention skills. However, they often have family and careers to focus on, as well. Combine these responsibilities with several treatment sessions at our facility, and their schedule can become a bit hectic. Although it’s worth it, we want to make treatment as accessible to our clients as possible, and telemedicine outpatient options allow us to do just that.

Our Faith in Recovery Christian telehealth rehabilitation services are now being offered at all Banyan Treatment Centers locations and for various levels of addiction treatment. Whether they’re in detox, inpatient treatment, or outpatient treatment, patients will have the option to partake in our telehealth program. All of our online treatment programs will be conducted on Zoom, a video chatting application that’s free to download on devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Usually, patients will participate in three-hour sessions three days a week, but this can change depending on the level of care they’re in.

We ask that patients partake in these sessions alone and in a quiet setting. Family members and friends should not be able to view, listen to, or engage in any of these sessions. It’s also important for patients to treat these online sessions as they would in-person meetings. Moreover, while our facility offers faith-based drug rehabilitation programs, people of all religious backgrounds are welcomed.

Although our telehealth services offer an additional level of flexibility to patients, they may not be for everyone. Contact Faith in Recovery today to learn more about telehealth use for addiction and our faith-based recovery programs.

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