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Christian 12-Step Drug Addiction Programs

12-Step Program

Alcoholism is a disease that plagues people in all walks of life. In 2015 it was reported that 15.1 million adults suffered from Alcohol Use Disorder in the United States. [1] The 12-Step program is a model for recovery from alcoholism implemented by Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a program that has been used in various drug and alcohol treatment centers to treat both alcoholism, as well as drug addiction. Our faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center also uses the 12-Step program and its spiritual principles in order to help our patients during their recovery process.

The 12-Step Program for Addiction Recovery

The 12-Step program functions in a group setting where patients are encouraged to share their stories of addiction. The group becomes a community that supports one another throughout the recovery process and encourages everyone to abstain from using their drugs or alcohol of choice. The 12-Step recovery program also emphases faith-based alcohol treatment where patients are encouraged to submit to God’s will.

The general idea for each of the 12-Steps are explained as follows:

  1. You admit that your addiction has become a problem and made your life unmanageable.
  2. You accept that a higher power will be able to lead you to the path of recovery.
  3. You surrender your life over to God’s will.
  4. You spend time examining your life up to this point, taking a moral inventory of all the good you have done as well as your wrongdoings.
  5. You admit to yourself, God, and another person your wrongdoings.
  6. You allow God to cleanse you of your character defects.
  7. You ask God to remove your inadequacies.
  8. You create a list of all of people you have hurt and accept the fact that you need to try to make amends with all of them.
  9. You try to make amends with these people when possible, except if doing so causes more pain or injury.
  10. You continue to examine yourself and immediately admit when you have done wrong.
  11. You pray and meditate to strengthen your relationship with God and live your life according to His will.
  12. You have now experienced a spiritual awakening and vow to live your life according to these principles. You will also spread this message to other alcoholics. [2]

At Faith in Recovery, the 12-Step program is just one technique we use to help our patients regain control of their lives. We can provide you with different levels of care, including medically monitored detox, residential treatment, PHP, IOP, OP and our alumni program. As a Christian recovery program, we also focus on Christian programming throughout the recovery process to give you a holistic addiction treatment.

If you are looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Pompano Beach, let us help. Our faith-based addiction treatment uses a variety of techniques during the recovery process, such as the 12-Step program and Christian programming, to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit. Contact us today to get started on your road to recovery.


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