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Faith-Based Family Program for Addiction

Addiction is a family disease. One family member’s substance abuse can have a drastic impact on the rest of its members.

People who are addicted prioritize their substance abuse and can therefore act out in ways that hurt those closest to them. They may push their loved ones away, betray their trust, or fall into toxic relationship dynamics with them.  Although the addict needs to get sober, their family and friends need help as well.

Because of the many problems that addiction can cause for a person’s loved ones, we offer a faith-based family program for addiction to help both the addict and the loved one with recovery.

Help for Families of Addicts

At Faith in Recovery, we understand that your loved one’s addiction has been hard on your entire family. To help all family members heal, we offer a faith-based program for the families of addicts that helps everyone move past substance abuse together.

Although your loved one may be in our faith-based partial hospitalization program getting sober, this doesn’t help the rest of your family who is trying to recover from the devastation that substance abuse has brought to them each individually. Whether their trust was betrayed, the addict pushed them away, or they are struggling to understand addiction, your family needs help.

Along with the many faith-based addiction therapies we provide for our patients during treatment, we also offer faith-based counseling for family members of drug addicts and alcoholics that help each member of the family move forward. The loved one in recovery as well as their closest friends and family will gather in a group with a trained professional so that everyone participating can learn, grow, heal, and prepare for the future. Each family member is able to confront their loved one in a constructive manner. This type group therapy for family members of addicts allows each person to feel heard and for the recovering addict to better understand how their substance abuse has hurt others.

Along with promoting open communication between family members, our faith-based family program for addiction also focuses on substance abuse education. It is natural for family members to struggle with understanding addiction and the recovery process. Substance abuse education can help the family better understand their loved one and help mend some of these damaged relationships. Life in recovery is usually uncharted territory for the addict as well. In order to give your loved one their greatest chance of success in sobriety, the family will also learn how to approach life in recovery with their loved one and the best way to provide support.

As a Christian rehab center in Florida, we strongly believe that faith can be a guiding light for many people, so we take our family addiction program one step further. A loved one’s substance abuse problem can cause some people to question their faith, but God may have the answers your family is looking for. If religion and faith are important to your family, our trained therapist leading this group will use these principles to aid your family in the healing process and help you look at this situation in another way. This faith-based approach to family therapy could not only strengthen each member’s faith but also connect your family spiritually.