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Christian Opiate Addiction Rehab

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiates are medications that are derived from the natural poppy plant and are often used for pain management. They include prescription drugs like hydrocodone, morphine, codeine, oxycodone, and methadone as well as the illegal drug, heroin. All these substances produce a short-term euphoria that ultimately helps make them so addictive. Most people require professional opiate addiction help to stop abusing these drugs for good. At our Christian drug rehab, we offer a faith-based opiate addiction treatment program for those want to build their spiritual connection with God at the same time.

Dangers & Signs of Opiate Abuse

Because prescription opioids are given by doctors to patients, many people mistakenly believe that these types of opiates are harmless. While they are prescribed to treat pain, their misuse can be a big mistake. Because of their highly addictive qualities, misuse can quickly snowball into addiction. People who neglect to get into an opiate recovery program at the first signs of addiction may eventually turn to heroin because it tends to be cheaper and a stronger alternative. Unfortunately, the stronger the opiate, the greater the risk of overdose, which can be fatal. For these reasons, it is better to recognize the signs of an opiate addiction sooner rather than later.

Some common signs and symptoms of an opiate addiction include:

  • Drug cravings
  • Taking more than the recommended dose
  • Refilling prescriptions early
  • Track marks from intravenous use
  • Using illegal means to obtain opiates

If ignored, an opiate addiction can take over someone’s life and cause them to experience various negative consequences. Fortunately, opiate addiction treatment can help people get clean and stay sober.

Opiate Recovery

The first step to getting clean and leading a happier life is to stop abusing these drugs. Someone addicted to opiates will typically experience withdrawal symptoms once they stop taking them. Because these symptoms can be unpredictable or sometimes lead to secondary issues, a medically monitored detox is usually recommended.

After detox, the next step of opioid addiction treatment is addressing the root causes of the addiction as well as focusing on relapse prevention. This part of treatment usually includes both psychotherapy programs as well as evidence-based practices. At Faith in Recovery, we also offer our patients spiritual guidance for their recovery journey.

Our Christian Opiate Addiction Treatment Center

If you are suffering and looking for a more unique and meaningful approach to treatment, our faith-based opiate addiction treatment allows you to truly heal from the toxins of addiction by strengthening your faith and connection with God along the way.

On top of the regular programming used at our Banyan facilities, our opiate treatment center offers patients a multitude of faith-based therapies for drug abuse that focus specifically on spiritual growth during the recovery process. Although these treatments are built on Christian principles, we welcome people from all walks of life as a spiritual journey can be beneficial for everyone going through treatment. In some cases, we have also altered traditional treatment programming to focus more on faith, so that it has more meaning and is more applicable to our patients’ lives.

If you are suffering from an opiate addiction and need help getting clean, we can get you out of the dark place and guide you through recovery. Get started today.