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Drug Addiction Celebrate Recovery

Our Celebrate Recovery Program

Whether you have been blessed with a wonderful life or may not have been so lucky, life knocks everyone down sometimes. For those who struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction, they have had more than their fair share of hurdles to overcome. Addiction can destroy many aspects of a person’s life and treatment is just the beginning of this a life-long journey to stay sober. At our Christian drug rehab in Pompano, we use programs like Celebrate Recovery to help patients learn to lift themselves back up so that they can move forward with their lives.

What is Celebrate Recovery?

Celebrate Recovery is a ministry the focuses on helping people who are struggling just like our patients who are battling drug or alcohol addictions. Many of these people may be feeling broken and are looking to put back the pieces of their life and to feel stronger once again. Healing is a long process, but with this program, patients will learn to celebrate God’s great healing power for all of life’s obstacles, struggles, and difficulties. These sessions typically take place with a Celebrate Recovery group led by a trained and experienced leader. The leader will guide the discussion as well as discuss their own healing from trials and tribulations with God’s help. Patients are also encouraged to break into smaller Celebrate Recovery groups of people who struggle with similar problems to build another level of support. We believe that this program reinforces the idea that change is possible with faith.

The Celebrate Recovery steps are an important aspect of treatment. The program began in 1991 at a Saddleback Church in California. Led by Pastor Rick Warren, the program was created as a result of a 13-page letter written by John Baker, an alcoholic and staff member at the church. His letter outlined the format for an addiction recovery group guided strictly by Christian principles for those who were looking to heal. What began as a letter has developed into one of the largest addiction recovery support groups that continues to grow in popularity. To this day, John Baker still creates the Celebrate Recovery curriculum.

Celebrate Recovery as a Part of Treatment

As providers of everything from faith-based benzo treatment to assistance with drinking problems, we strongly believe in the power of faith and religious practices to guide people through the recovery process. Celebrate Recovery is just one small aspect of treatment for our patients.

Treatment should be a healthy combination of proven medical practices and spiritual discovery. In order to promote long-lasting recovery and help our patients strengthen their relationship with God during their time with us, we offer a variety of Christian therapies and programs for addiction as well as traditional medical practices at our Celebrate Recovery rehab center.

At Faith in Recovery, we want our patients to have the opportunity to overcome their addiction problems while indulging in their faith at the same time and becoming better people because of it. Start your journey to an addiction-free life and faithful living.