Faith-Based Addiction Counseling

Individual Faith Counseling

At Faith in Recovery (FIR), we provide numerous Christian treatment programs that help individuals fully recover from addiction, as well as strengthen their relationship with God. Individual faith counseling sessions are available to all Banyan patients. The sessions are held by the Faith in Recovery Chaplain, Anthony Acampora, at our faith-based treatment facility in Pompano Beach and are also available online through a video chatting app called Zoom. These sessions are in addition to the faith-based addiction counseling with the Faith in Recovery program therapist. Our patients and alumni have benefited tremendously from individual faith-based counseling sessions online. Incorporating this into your customized treatment program will allow you to learn so much about yourself throughout the recovery process.

Christian Addiction Counseling

A big part of the treatment process is opening up to a therapist about your thoughts and feelings, and getting to the root of why the addiction was formed in the first place. During individual faith counseling at Faith in Recovery, patients can expect to become educated about faith principles and learn ways to put these principles into practice on a daily basis. Leaning on your faith during difficult times will show you that a higher power is watching over you, and this will help guide your recovery efforts. These sessions will highlight your new identity in faith and how to see yourself through God’s eyes. Our Faith Chaplain will individually focus on your recovery efforts and the progress you have made thus far. These sessions will help individuals realize that change is possible with spiritual growth. Our patients also learn how to effectively manage emotions and how to handle challenging situations that will come your way in the future. Our Chaplain will also highlight the spiritual principles you should live by, which include acceptance, gratitude, patience, humility, and forgiveness.

Christian Drug Counseling

No matter how dark your past was, it’s time to move forward and change your way of thinking through faith counseling. By working with a team of committed treatment and faith experts, you are on the path towards a more fulfilled and healthy lifestyle. We guide our patients every step of the way through the recovery journey, and we teach them the tools needed to succeed in everyday life post-treatment.

In addition to the individual faith counseling services that we offer, Faith in Recovery provides Christian programming that highlights the spiritual approach to sobriety. For example, we provide a Daily Devotional, weekly Bible Studies, a Trauma Program, Biblical Anger Resolution Groups, and so much more. Our faith-based counseling treatment center prides itself in providing truly customized care for each patient, no matter the addiction and severity. Our Banyan Treatment Facility in Pompano Beach provides residential, PHP, IOP, and stabilization programs for all individuals who suffer from this deadly disease.

If you are looking for a spiritual approach to treatment, Faith in Recovery is the program for you. Contact Faith in Recovery today at 954-533-7705 (ext. 176 or 140) for more information on our faith-based treatment services and how to begin treatment. If you’re currently a patient at FIR, schedule your online, faith-based counseling sessions with your primary therapist. Don’t delay your faith journey any longer.