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Benzo Addiction Detox Programs

Benzo Addiction

Benzodiazepines, also simply called benzos, are a category of psychoactive prescription drugs that are prescribed for anxiety disorders, panic attacks, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, and seizure prevention. As tranquilizers, they create relaxing effects and sedate the central nervous system.

Dangers of Benzo Addiction

These medications can be addictive if misused, so they are typically only prescribed for short-term use. Unfortunately, some people may also abuse benzos without having a prescription. Long-term abuse can lead to memory problems, bone fractures, and decreased cognitive functioning. Continued misuse may also lead to overdose or addiction, and most people are unable to stop without formal benzodiazepine addiction treatment.

Another major danger of benzodiazepine abuse is how these medications may interact with other substances. When mixed with alcohol in particular, benzodiazepines can even lead to fatal consequences. A person may experience blackouts, organ failure, and even death.

Signs Someone Needs Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment

Because of the many dangers associated with its abuse, early recognition of a benzo addiction is key. From here, benzo addiction treatment could spare you or someone you care about from these problems.

Some common signs of a benzo addiction include:

  • Poor judgment and decision-making
  • Slurred speech
  • Mental confusion or memory problems
  • Empty prescription pill bottles
  • Taking medications not as prescribed
  • Doctor shopping
  • Lying or secretive behavior
  • Financial problems

Because addiction is a downward spiral, it’s important to get help as soon as you recognize a problem. Benzodiazepine addiction recovery is possible with the right treatment program and substance abuse therapies.

Our Christian Benzo Addiction Treatment Center

Traditional benzo addiction treatment may be sufficient for many people in recovery, but at our Christian residential treatment center, we take recovery one step further. With faith-based benzodiazepine treatment, patients build a stronger connection with God during the recovery process and can heal spiritually from their substance abuse problems.

While spiritual and mental healing are important to benzo addiction treatment, the first step in recovery is focusing on the body’s physical dependence on benzodiazepines with a detox. Because benzo withdrawal can be dangerous and suddenly stopping their use can lead to serious health complications for those even prescribed these medications, a medically monitored detox is recommended. At Faith in Recovery, our trained medical staff offers 24-7 care and support to monitor symptoms and ease withdrawal.

Once patients are stable, they will transition into one of our other levels of care where they will focus on comprehensive healing as well as building a foundation for long-term recovery. Every aspect of our faith-based benzo addiction program revolves around the Christian principles and is God-centered. We integrate customized clinical therapies and faith-based ideas into programming. Addiction represents a dark and lonely time in someone’s life, and taking a spiritual approach to getting clean can give someone’s life more meaning. Each patient will also follow their own unique treatment plan that is altered frequently to meet their changing needs as they progress through recovery.

Once patients complete treatment, they will automatically become a part of our alumni program. This program can help newly recovered benzo addicts push through trying times with the support of a strong recovery community.

If you are looking for faith-based benzo addiction treatment, contact Faith In Recovery today. Our programs help patients heal in more ways than one and find lasting success in their recovery journey.