Christian Aftercare Drug Treatments

Aftercare Program at Faith in Recovery

Addiction recovery is a life-long journey that doesn’t stop when you leave a drug and alcohol treatment program. When you re-enter your everyday routine, there are lingering temptations and drug triggers. It is important that you prepare yourself for this transition after treatment to prevent relapse and continue on your path to success. You or your loved one will need to be in an environment that is conducive to your continued recovery. At our Christian drug rehab in Pompano, our sober living and aftercare program is designed to help you do just that.

How Our Aftercare Program Works

At Faith in Recovery, we know that treatment doesn’t end when you step out our doors so we offer aftercare for drug and alcohol rehab. Sobriety, as well as your relationship to God, is a life-long commitment that takes effort, and we want to be there for you throughout this time. At our faith-based treatment facility, our goal is to create a treatment program tailored to your individual needs in order to promote long-term success and maintain sobriety. Part of our care includes a personalized aftercare plan to help you stay sober when returning to the real world.

Our aftercare addiction program may include housing arrangements that are designed for your continued sobriety, outpatient treatment, and recovery support groups that are used to strengthen your will as well as your relationship with God. With our Christian recovery programs, we strive to provide you with all of the tools you need to continue your path to a better life connected to God because we believe treatment is ongoing.

Long-Term Success with Faith in Recovery

Your long-term success doesn’t stop with our aftercare treatment program. Because our faith-based addiction treatment in Pompano is part of the Banyan Treatment Centers family, you will be connected with other people who have successfully gone through our various levels of care at our many different addiction treatment facilities. Through our alumni recovery program, you will have a support group of recovery addicts to create life-long friendships with and peers who understand your recovery because they are going through it themselves. You will be able to focus on the spiritual principles that got you this far and implement these practices with other like-minded people.

Along with our aftercare program, faith-based drug and alcohol treatment in Pompano also offers a stabilization program in the case of relapse. If you relapse, our stabilization program will include PHP or faith-based IOP to get you back on track and give you the tools to prevent another relapse. During this time, you will focus on learning how to prevent relapse and reinforce the good behaviors developed during the recovery process.

You are stronger than your addiction. Through our various levels of care, including our aftercare addiction program, our faith-based recovery program can help you or your loved one overcome addiction and maintain a clean, sober life. Contact us today to learn more about our faith-based treatment in Pompano Beach and begin your recovery journey.