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Christian Holistic Treatments for Drug Addiction

Holistic Addiction Treatment

In order to find lasting sobriety, treatment needs to involve more than just the physical aspects of addiction. Addiction is a disease that damages all facets of a person’s life, so recovery should focus on all of these issues as well. While a drug and alcohol detox focuses a lot on physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms, the treatment that follows should focus on the issues outside of the immediate physical problems.

Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit with Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism goes beyond the standard medical practices related to substance abuse and aims to heal the entire mind, body, and spirit to ensure long-lasting success. Holistic therapy focuses on treating the individual’s well-being as opposed to just treating their disease. This emphasis on mental and spiritual health allows patients to practice self-reflection and get a better understanding of their substance abuse problem as a whole. This combination leads to a greater chance of finding lasting sobriety as well as improving your life overall.

Holistic substance abuse treatment can come in many forms but may include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Art therapy
  • Chiropractic therapy
  • Mature & mindfulness
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • And more

No matter what specific addiction treatment program they are in, all of our patients will have the opportunity to partake in these holistic addiction treatment programs in order to better progress through their recovery. Each program will be led by an expert in their respective field who is there to guide patients through the process even if they have never been exposed to this therapy or program before.

Faith-Based Holistic Addiction Recovery

At Faith in Recovery, we go one step further. Along with providing holistic treatment for addiction, we are also a faith-based treatment center in Boca. We believe in the importance of establishing or reconnecting with God during treatment in order to promote the patient’s personal growth. Religion can be a big part of someone’s life and a change as drastic as getting sober should incorporate faith. The recovery journey includes taking the time to reflect on past mistakes and learning how to move forward in sobriety. God can provide patients with the strength necessary to make it through treatment while also guiding them through the process. Because of this, we incorporate a spirituality component for all of our patients in every aspect of their recovery journey, and our holistic substance abuse treatment programs are no exception.

At our faith-based and holistic treatment center for addiction, we have chosen to add a spiritual component to these programs. Patients will not only meditate, but meditate on the word of God through Christian meditation. Individual therapy with a trained therapist will address faith and how it can help in the patient’s recovery journey. We also offer group therapies that focus on different aspects of Christianity and faith.

At Faith in Recovery, we understand that the road to recovery is not always easy, and it’s how we get back up after an obstacle that truly matters. Faith-based ideals along with a holistic recovery from addiction can help patients feel whole again and give them hope for the future.