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November 7, 2018
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How to Heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit in Recovery

There are different components to the recovery journey, that when addressed separately, can seamlessly work together to ensure a successful outcome.

Addiction is a disease that affects all aspects of one’s life. The healing process involves getting to the root of the problem and finding productive ways to work through the challenges. Addiction makes it hard to manage your emotions. It can make us feel completely empty with no hope for a brighter future; however, there is always a way out from the pain. The mind, body, and spirit all must be restored during the recovery journey. Through therapy sessions, an individual can overcome any addiction. At Faith in Recovery, we understand the importance of treating a mental health disorder or addiction with a holistic approach. Our treatment is completely customized for our patients.

How to Heal the Mind

Substance abuse causes the brain to essentially re-wire and crave more and more of the substance each time. Our mind is completely affected during this time, and we start to experience negative thoughts that can turn into depression and anxiety. The way we perceive things can be heavily influenced by addiction and this can have long-term negative effects. Individuals should undergo therapy that focuses solely on changing unhealthy thought patterns to strengthen the way we think and perceive in recovery and beyond.

How to Heal the Body

No matter which addiction is present, there will be physical affects that the body will endure. The recovery process should include an emphasis on nutrition and exercise to rejuvenate the body. The detox process is the time to get rid of the toxins and the recovery process should focus on healing the body. You should establish a set of healthy goals that you will work towards in recovery to keep up with your changed lifestyle.

How to Heal the Spirit

Anyone in addiction recovery can benefit from having a spiritual component. You will be able to connect to a higher power and find purpose in your recovery efforts. It’s so important to heal the spirit so that you can grow as a person during this time and find what truly fulfills you.

By taking the holistic approach to addiction treatment you are allowing yourself to grow as a person and ensure that you are taking care of all aspects of your life.

If you are suffering from the addiction cycle and can’t seem to break free, contact Faith in Recovery at 888-280-4763 to learn more about our faith-based addiction treatment in South Florida today. Our holistic addiction treatment has helped so many individuals change their lives for the better.