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Why choose a Faith-based Treatment Center?

The addiction treatment process can be filled with many challenging and painful times. It’s important to realize that once you get through these difficult times, a happier and healthier lifestyle is on the horizon. Addiction treatment includes a detox process as well as many uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Many people find comfort when they turn to their faith during the recovery journey. There are many benefits for establishing or even strengthening a relationship with God while recovering from substance abuse. Faith-based addiction treatment is a fully integrated faith centered program offered in conjunction with evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Our Christian drug rehab in South Florida explains why this approach to addiction treatment has been so successful for former patients. When you integrate faith and spirituality in addiction treatment, patients will receive strength and guidance they never knew even existed. There are many benefits to finding sobriety at a faith-based drug rehab.

What Does Faith-based Treatment Include?

Faith-based addiction treatment is a completely comprehensive Christian-based program. Every aspect of this drug and alcohol addiction recovery program revolves around Christian principles and faith. Patients have the opportunity to establish a strong connection with God while also recovering from active addiction. By leaning on faith and spirituality during this recovery journey, the hard times won’t seem so rough, and feelings of loneliness won’t occur as often. We help our patients understand that they are not alone in this fight against addiction and that their faith can be the guiding factor for staying motivated. During faith-based addiction treatment, patients will participate in various Christian programming such as Bible studies, church services, and therapy to help build their spirituality.

This comprehensive approach to addiction treatment includes traditional evidence-based therapy practices with the spiritual approach. Sometimes, patients may find it hard to stay motivated as this journey can be tough on one’s mental state. Leaning on God during the entire recovery journey will give you strength to continue on the path towards complete sobriety. Spirituality provides meaning and a new perspective on life.

What to Expect at Faith in Recovery

>Faith in Recovery provides addiction treatment through numerous levels of care such as partial hospitalization and outpatient services. Each treatment program is customized for our patients and includes a spiritual aspect with Christian programming. Patients will engage in weekly bible studies as well as individual faith counseling with a licensed therapist at our treatment facility. Once treatment is successfully completed, our support and care do not end. We provide our patients with an aftercare program that is designed for long-term sobriety.

Incorporating faith in the recovery journey can be beneficial for people who once had no hope for a changed lifestyle. At Faith in Recovery, we want you to know that you can overcome any addiction with commitment to your faith and recovery goals. If you are struggling with this disease and are craving a spiritual connection, Faith in Recovery may be the perfect program for you.

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