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Learn more about the life-changing drug and alcohol recovery programs available at Faith in Recovery.

Our caring, compassionate staff are here to give you the tools you need to rebuild your life through Christ's love.

Faith in Recovery offers multiple levels of care, unique therapies, and a wide range of addiction recovery programs in a faith-based setting to help patients achieve the peace and positivity necessary to embrace a brighter, addiction-free future.

The Redemption of Brandon Novak

This short film follows skateboarding superstar, actor & stuntman Brandon Novak's rise, fall, and redemption, culminating in a spiritual awakening and baptism by Faith in Recovery's chaplain, Anthony Acampora.

After losing everything to his struggle with addiction, Brandon Novak got his life back through recovery. Now 4 years sober, Brandon decided to further explore his spiritual side and strengthen his relationship with God. As an important step, he chose to be baptized.

This moving documentary depicts how, through Christ's love and an effective addiction recovery program, Brandon now enjoys a life of sobriety, happiness, and fulfillment.