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Christ-Centered Addiction Treatment Programs

Christ-Centered Addiction Treatment Programs 

Substance use disorders can be difficult and even dangerous to try and overcome without professional support. From withdrawal symptoms to drug cravings to managing triggers and temptations, there’s a lot more that goes into addiction recovery than meets the eye. Faith in Recovery offers Christ-centered addiction treatment that includes substance-specific care for all kinds of drug use disorders. Whether you’re battling prescription or illicit drug abuse or alcohol abuse, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about our services. 

Drug Seeking Behavior & Signs to Look Out For   

While the signs and symptoms of addiction may vary depending on the substance in question, there are some general physical and behavioral red flags that addicts may exhibit:  
  • They keep taking a prescription drug longer or more heavily than directed. 
  • They need more and more of a substance to feel the same effects, or they can take more than usual before they feel any effects (tolerance.) 
  • They feel strange or uncomfortable when they’re not using the drug. This may include withdrawals like shakiness, depression, stomach ache, sweating, or headache. 
  • They can’t stop using the drug, even if they want to. 
  • They keep using the substance even if it causes trouble in their relationships, at work, or at home. 
  • They spend a lot of their time thinking about the drug: how to get more of it, when they’ll take it, how good it’ll feel, and how bad they’ll feel after. 
  • They have a hard time limiting themselves. For example, they may say that they’ll only have two drinks at the party but end up having way more. 
  • They’ve lost interest in things they once enjoyed doing. 
  • They drive or do other dangerous things while under the influence. 
  • They borrow or steal money to buy drugs or alcohol. 
  • They hide their drug use from others. 
  • They sleep too much or too little. 
  • They eat a lot more or a lot less than before they started using drugs. 
  • They look very different – bloodshot eyes, gained or lost an excessive amount of weight, etc.  
  • They’re struggling to get along with their co-workers, friends, or family members. 
  • They have a new friend group with whom they do drugs or drink. 
  • They go to multiple doctors to obtain more prescription drugs. 
  • They lie about ailments or symptoms to get more prescription drugs. 
  • They look in other people’s medicine cabinets for drugs they can take. 
  • They mix prescription drugs with alcohol or drugs. 
As we previously mentioned, different substances cause different physical and behavioral changes. For instance, while stimulants like cocaine may produce effects like excitability, aggression, and irritability, depressants like opioids may cause effects like sedation, drowsiness, and slurred speech. Regardless of the drug in question, our faith-based addiction recovery programs are here to help you or a loved one with recovery. 

Our Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Programs 

If you are looking for Christian addiction treatment because you desire care that offers a spiritual component, Faith in Recovery is the treatment center for you. Patients in our faith-based addiction recovery programs have the opportunity to create or rebuild a relationship with God while also recovering from any substance use disorder  Our licensed clinicians and therapists work with each patient one-on-one and in group settings to get to the root of the addiction, find effective ways to move past unhealthy behaviors, and help them establish an after-rehab plan for sustaining their sobriety. If you’re interested in Christ-centered addiction treatment that incorporates spiritual, physical, and mental care for recovery, below are the various treatment options we offer. 

Alcohol Addiction Treatment  

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder is one of the most common types of addiction in the nation. Because the substance is so widely and socially accepted, it can be difficult to determine if and when someone may be battling an addiction and how to help. Without treatment, their drinking can lead to financial issues, legal trouble, relationship problems, and health issues. Fortunately, our Christian drug rehab can help alcoholics recover and heal with our alcohol addiction treatment. 

Benzo Addiction Treatment  

Benzodiazepines (benzos) are depressants typically prescribed to treat anxiety and sleep disorders; however, they have the potential to be extremely addictive. This addiction can cause serious harmful effects if not properly treated, and medical detoxification is usually necessary for a successful recovery. Our comprehensive benzo rehab program can help all addicts recover from their benzo addiction while strengthening their faith. 

Cocaine Addiction Treatment 

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant that’s often produced and sold on the streets. Recreational cocaine use can turn into an addiction quicker than you may realize. This stimulant drug can cause serious long-term effects if not properly treated. Our cocaine treatment in Pompano integrates clinical therapies with individualized care for a successful outcome. With treatment, those who are ready to get sober from cocaine addiction can start their recovery journey today. 

Heroin Addiction Treatment 

Heroin is a highly addictive opioid (narcotic) that produces a strong euphoric feeling every time a user gets high. Heroin addictions can be deadly, and the physical symptoms can wear down a body over time. A heroin use disorder should be treated through professional and medical care with detox to ensure a successful recovery. Our heroin addiction treatment program offers detox and therapy to help clients to heal and move forward.  

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment 

Meth is another addictive stimulant that’s commonly sold on the street. It produces a euphoric high marked by symptoms like happiness, confidence, and energy. This is a highly addictive substance that can lead to severe addiction as a result of long-term abuse. The good news is that our meth addiction treatment includes individualized care, intense therapy sessions, and relapse prevention techniques at Faith in Recovery. 

Opiate Addiction Treatment  

Opioids (opiates) include both illicit and prescription narcotics. While prescription opioids are normally prescribed to treat severe and/or chronic pain, illicit opioids like heroin are commonly used for recreational purposes. Regardless, both kinds are addictive, so much so that they’ve contributed to a drug epidemic in the U.S.  Overcoming an opioid addiction is known to be difficult and dangerous without professional support. For this reason, our Christian drug rehabilitation center offers an opioid treatment program designed to help patients overcome their addiction physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment  

Prescription drug addiction is an ongoing problem in the U.S., affecting millions of people every year. From opioids to benzos to stimulants, many people have fallen into the trap of addiction as a result of medication misuse. Prescription pill addiction can become debilitating and proper treatment is needed for a full recovery. Our facility offers prescription drug addiction treatment that can help you regain control over your health and life.  For more information about our Christ-centered addiction treatment, contact Faith in Recovery today.