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Biblical Counseling Programs for Addiction

Integrating Faith in Recovery

For some people, The Bible is just a book. For others, it is the backbone of their life. Faith can be important in life’s toughest times. When it comes to finding sobriety, faith can make all the difference. At Faith in Recovery, we believe that faith can enhance anyone’s life. The Bible isn’t just some book, it’s our connection to something greater than us all. With the help of scripture, prayer, medical care, therapy, and other recovery resources, anyone who is willing can find their sobriety. We’re integrating Christian programming into recovery each and every day with our faith-focused approaches to treatment. Whether you are searching for faith based alcohol treatment, drug treatment, or both, you can count on our faith based approach to treatment.

How Faith Fortifies Recovery

At Faith in Recovery, we provide faith based drug and alcohol treatment for a variety of challenges. Our program is fully comprehensive, integrating faith into many aspects of treatment. For our patients, this isn’t just something they encounter at church. Faith is alive in our addiction treatment programs. We believe that faith provides the proper compass for healing, and is thus integral all steps of treatment. The Bible offers insight into many of the challenges our patients face in their recovery journey, and faith helps to address these challenges. Faith strengthens recovery by connecting patients to a higher power while giving them added perspective into their struggles. Our treatment paths include:

  • Detox
  • Residential
  • PHP
  • IOP
  • Alumni

Scripture offers a wonderful map for solving many of life’s challenges, such as addiction and alcoholism. Incorporating scripture into the therapies, lessons, treatments, and path of your treatment will help to enhance your approach to sobriety. We pride ourselves on offering truly personalized treatments for all our patients, with faith as the cornerstone of our efforts. With faith, proper medical assistance, therapeutic support, and dedication, you can find your sobriety at our faith based addiction treatment programs.

Christ-Centered Healing

At Faith in Recovery, we believe that faith is one of the most important aspects of anybody’s life. It is the gravity that keeps us aligned with what matters in life, including our friends, families, and passions. Without faith, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most. We help many patients reconnect to their faith through personalized faith based alcohol treatment and drug treatment. Faith isn’t just crucial in early recovery, it can help patients enjoy maintained sobriety long after they finish recovery, allowing for better outcomes in terms of sustained sobriety.

At our center for faith based addiction treatment, all are welcome. Though our facility takes a Christ-centered approach to treatment, all are welcome through our doors. Our facility offers an ideal setting for patients to connect to their sobriety and their faith. All are welcome to our treatment options, and we have had patients of all faiths, and even no faith at all, benefit from our drug and alcohol treatment programs.

If you are finally ready to find your brighter tomorrow in sobriety, or if you have a loved one who needs treatment, let our professionals at Faith in Recovery help. With our Christ-centered approach to drug and alcohol treatment, you can find the support needed for true recovery. Addiction, alcoholism, and related challenges do not have to be in control. With a faith based approach to treatment, sobriety is possible.

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