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March 21, 2019
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April 3, 2019

Christian Rehab vs Traditional Rehab

If you are struggling with addiction, you may have lost your way, your hope, and your faith.

While a traditional recovery program can certainly give you hope and get you on the path to recovery, only a Christian drug rehab like ours will also focus on connecting you with God and restoring your faith. At Faith in Recovery, we offer faith-based treatment options to give you another level of care. If you are confused about what addiction treatment program is best for you, we are here to compare Christian rehab versus traditional rehab so that you can make the best decision for you.

How Christian Rehab Differs from Traditional Rehab

While traditional rehab may offer a holistic approach to recovery, Christian rehab will take this one step further and focus on your faith as well. We want you to understand the difference between Christian rehab versus traditional rehab because we know faith can affect the recovery process.

In Christian rehab, extra therapies and programs are included in the recovery process, unlike traditional rehab. While both treatment programs will accommodate individual therapy, group therapy, and addiction education, Christian therapy will also offer a variety of other programs to help you strengthen your relationship with God. We incorporate spiritual principles into our programming with faith counseling, church services, daily devotional, and prayers for addiction. These programs will only help you in the recovery process.

One of the other benefits of Christian rehab is that it encourages you to hope as you learn to trust in God during your recovery process. Addiction is a life-long journey and integrating faith in addiction recovery and trusting in Him will help make this process easier. While both Christian rehab and traditional rehab offer support groups, Christian rehab will give you an extra layer of support as you learn to restore your faith in God.

When comparing Christian rehab versus traditional rehab, it is important that you decide what is best for you. If after reading this post, you think faith-based treatment is not for you, our drug and alcohol treatment program with Banyan Pompano may be a better choice.

Whether you are looking for faith-based meth addiction treatment or alcohol addiction treatment in Pompano Beach, you need to get help immediately. Do not lose hope or your faith. You can connect with God and overcome your addiction at the same time.


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