Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Detox may be a crucial step in getting sober, but it is just one step along an entire journey of recovery. Following detox, many patients enter either partial hospitalization treatment or residential treatment programs. After completing medically supervised detox, some patients may not be quite ready to jump into our Faith in Recovery Partial Hospitalization program at Banyan Treatment Center in Pompano Beach, FL. For these patients, residential drug and alcohol treatment at a faith based drug and alcohol treatment center can be an effective next step. If you’re searching for the next step after detox, consider taking a faith-focused approach to residential treatment.

When Residential Treatment is the Right Choice

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are ideal for patients whose needs are not as sensitive as those who need residential treatment. If medical care or therapeutic services are needed on an intensive basis, inpatient residential treatment can be a great fit. Residential treatment is ideal for patients who:
  • No longer require medical stabilization
  • Have experienced prolonged withdrawal symptoms
  • Are experiencing mood and thought disturbances

When these situations are present, yet non-life-threatening, residential treatment may be the right choice. At Faith in Recovery, our patients receive top quality residential care. 24/7 support is the cornerstone of our residential program. Patients can enjoy a safe living environment with group therapy, individual therapy, and recovery-oriented outings or groups.

The Importance of Faith for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

When a person is battling the demons of drugs and alcohol, they need all the help they can get to emerge sober and victorious. Residential treatment can help, but it is not the only factor that helps make sobriety a reality. At Faith in Recovery, we believe that faith goes a long way when it comes to sobriety and begin to introduce our programming at detox and residential treatment. Scripture, prayer, and faith-focused support can fortify your victory against the demons of addiction and alcoholism. Faith strengthens the journey of recovery, helping those in treatment to develop spiritual and emotional tools of sobriety.

Our faith based recovery programs incorporate many aspects of faith and scripture into your recovery. Patients can attend church, along with receiving individualized Biblical counseling. We understand the importance of faith in one’s personal growth, allowing for deeper impartments in one’s live. We incorporate faith into a variety of our treatment approaches, including therapy and group meetings. Faith is immersed in every aspect of treatment, with therapies incorporating scripture and The Lord’s inspiration into every step of recovery. With faith at the backbone of recovery, anything is possible.

Finding Freedom Through Faith in Recovery

You are not defined by your addiction or substance abuse. You are defined by your strength against this adversity, and faith helps to fortify this strength. Our program is all-inclusive, incorporating faith and scripture into every possible aspect of your recovery. This faith-focused approach helps our patients forge their happy, healthy, and sober futures. We combine the best in treatment approaches with His word to create a treatment approach which is designed for your success.

At Faith in Recovery, we believe faith is the most powerful force there is. With your faith at the helm, you’ll believe in miracles. Getting sober is not a journey you should undertake alone. Allow our treatment professionals at Faith in Recovery to help you find your path to sobriety through faith-focused treatments and study.