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Christian Prescription Pills Rehab

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment at Faith in Recovery

Prescription medications are beneficial for a number of reasons and are used to treat a variety of different ailments. While they can be used to treat everything from ADHD to chronic pain, these medications can also be misused and abused. Although these drugs may seem safer than illicit drugs because they were prescribed by a doctor, when these medications are taken incorrectly, this is not the case. The result can be serious health problems and an addiction that is hard to overcome.

Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Addiction

For many people, a prescription drug addiction can sneak up on them. They start by taking medication prescribed by their doctor and eventually find themselves unable to go without. Their bodies become dependent and often the only way for them to stop for good is through formal treatment for prescription drug abuse. If you are unsure if the drug habits of you or your loved one have gotten out of control, look for signs of dependence.

Some common signs of prescription drug abuse include:

  • Taking more than the recommended amount
  • Going to multiple doctors to get refills
  • Pill bottles everywhere
  • Wanting more pills when refills run out
  • Making excuses to get more medication
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when not taking the prescription drugs
  • Being unable to stop taking the medication

Our Faith-Based Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

At Faith in Recovery, we understand that trying to overcome an addiction to prescription drugs isn’t just difficult but can also be accompanied by dangerous health problems. In order to help patients achieve long-term success in their recovery efforts, we offer faith-based prescription pill addiction treatment that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual recovery during the treatment process.

For most patients, the first step of their treatment plan will include a medically monitored detox to ensure that their body is safely weaned off of these drugs and that any health complications that arise can be addressed immediately. Trying to stop cold turkey on your own could be life-threatening, so it is important to have 24-hour support and supervision available. From here, patients will move on to other faith-based prescription drug addiction treatment programs that range in intensity depending on what is best for their individual needs.

During their time with us, our patients will participate in a variety of standard clinical and medical treatments as well as Christian addiction programs and therapies to supplement their recovery. Patients will be able to interact and work with peers who are also there for prescription drug addiction help and seeking a faith-based approach to overcoming their problem. These programs are designed to not only help patients strengthen or build a relationship with God but also to promote long-term sobriety as they learn to lean on their faith when times get hard.

If you are suffering from an addiction to prescription medication and do not know where to turn, we want to help guide you. Our South Florida prescription drug addiction treatment center is committed to your long-term recovery and happiness, Don’t let addiction take over your life, you can start over with the help of our Florida faith-based addiction treatment center.