Addiction Emotion Management

Managing Emotions

Emotions are more than just feelings, they’re motivations and powerful forces in all of our lives. When negative emotions take hold, it can be challenging to properly manage these emotions and focus on recovery. At Faith in Recovery, we focus on helping patients heal with faith based recovery programs designed to help with recovery. These programs include treatment, therapy, and assistance for managing emotions. Managing your emotions in recovery is crucial when it comes to successful sobriety.

How Emotions Influence Recovery

There are many elements that feed into the perpetuation of addiction, including physical and chemical influences. But emotions are also a powerful factor in the continuation of addiction. While physical cravings make it tough to get sober, emotions also play a major role. Negative emotions often lead to relapse, and self-doubt is often the cornerstone of this struggle. Properly managing these emotions can help set the stage for more successful recovery. When you properly manage your emotions and feel better about your sobriety, it becomes easier to maintain.

How Faith Helps Manage Emotions

Managing emotions in recovery can be challenging, but our faith based IOP can help. We offer faith-focused approaches to treatment with our variety of faith based recovery programs. Programs include detox, inpatient treatment, PHP, and IOP. Faith is the cornerstone of all our treatment approaches at Faith in Recovery. Managing emotions properly is crucial in recovery, and faith helps patients properly manage their emotions by:

  • Applying scripture to recovery’s challenges
  • Showing the benefits of prayer to recovery
  • Providing proper perspective on negative emotions
  • Instilling true hope in each patient

Faith helps patients better manage their emotions in recovery and throughout their lives. This is because faith helps us recognize that there is a power greater than us, and today’s challenges are sure to pass. With faith, patients are able to pray and seek answers for their struggles in scripture and other teachings. Addiction can cause many negative emotions to erupt, but faith helps patients learn how to manage these emotions.

Fighting Negativity and Guilt in Recovery

As patients continue along the path of recovery, many start to feel regret, shame, or guilt over their past actions in the throws of addiction. Faith helps patients properly process these negative emotions. The past provides lessons that we can use today to build a better tomorrow. At Faith in Recovery, we help patients maintain this perspective at our faith based recovery programs. By recognizing the importance of the past to help us learn in the present, many patients are able to manage any negativity they may feel.

Choosing Faith Based Recovery

When it comes to finding sobriety, many patients benefit from our faith-focused programs, such as our faith based IOP. Inpatient or outpatient, faith is an integral component of successful drug and alcohol recovery. At Faith in Recovery, we address many types of addiction, including alcoholism, benzo addiction, opiate addiction, and meth addiction. We incorporate spirituality and Christian programming into every aspect of treatment, giving patients the support they need to find their successful recovery. Managing emotions is just one aspect of the battle. Let our team at Faith in Recovery help you in your full recovery.