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Drug Addiction Bible Verses

Continuing Scripture Study for Sobriety

Incorporating scripture study from the Bible in your recovery journey is a spiritual approach to addiction treatment that helps individuals gain a new perspective and meaning on life. You learn a lot about yourself during this time, and a faith-based treatment program is perfect for those who are looking to overcome their struggles as well as strengthen a spiritual connection. Turning to the Bible during life struggles can teach you how to address certain situations, and this can be a guiding force during your recovery journey.

One of the main goals during addiction treatment is to learn how to combat negative feelings and emotions that often return in substance abuse. Repairing the wrongs that you have made can be executed through Bible studies and scripture study. Faith in Recovery is a faith-based treatment approach to substance abuse that helps individuals truly recover and heal from the pain and suffering of addiction. Through our treatment programs, our patients engage in scripture study for sobriety and build their connection with God. We discuss the importance of continuing your Bible studies even after treatment is completed.

Prevent Relapse through Bible Studies

In addiction treatment, you learn the skills needed to overcome challenging situations that will inevitably come your way in the future. Engaging in Bible studies after treatment is completed will help you get through these difficult times and you will be reminded why you started your recovery journey in the first place. This faith-centered approach to sobriety can be extremely helpful in preventing relapse. When you enter recovery, you are experiencing a lot of change in all aspects of your life, and this healthy change should include structure. Setting aside time each day to study scripture will benefit your recovery efforts tremendously and it will help you stay on the right track.

Commitment to Sobriety

You will be able to stay committed to your recovery goals when you follow a certain plan, and engaging with the Bible brings positivity and wisdom. At Faith in Recovery, we understand the difficulties that were faced during your addiction and the strength it took to overcome this horrible disease. Leading your life for God will help you stay sober for a lifetime. Scripture study can help you feel closer to God, and we suggest that you always turn to your Bible when times get hard. The support and strength that are provided through Bible verses allow us to remember our recovery goals and how we have fought to get clean.

If you or your loved one is struggling with any type of addiction, Faith in Recovery is here to truly help you overcome this disease as well as gain spiritual meaning during the process. You are not in this fight alone and we are here to guide your recovery efforts every step of the way. For more information on the levels of care and treatment programs we offer, contact Faith in Recovery today.