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Mature and Mindfulness Adult Drug Rehab Program

Although anyone can face addiction, effective treatment approaches may vary from age to age. A treatment path suitable for a college student may not work for an executive or parent. At Faith in Recovery, we offer effective Christ-centered addiction treatment for individuals of all ages. Our Christian drug rehab offers various therapies and programs that are individualized to meet the specific needs of each patient and create an effective recovery plan that can ensure the best outcome, such as our adult drug rehab program. Our Mature And Mindfulness Program is designed to help patients over the age of 30 complete their recovery journey and achieve long-term sobriety.

The Role of Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

Incorporated into our substance abuse treatment for older adults is the focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is a mental state of active and open attention to what is presently happening in your life.

In this state of mind, you’re meant to observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance without labeling them as good or bad. This technique is utilized to help an individual realize their feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations calmly and healthily.

Mindfulness and addiction go hand in hand, as this state of mind can be perfect for confronting challenges in recovery. It can be tough to let certain thoughts go and not take over. Mindfulness helps an individual become aware of more of these thoughts and feelings while staying in complete control of themselves. This allows them to catalog their emotions and stay neutral when coping with difficult situations in recovery.

Like in all our other Christian-based recovery programs, we incorporate faith-based principles into our mindfulness addiction treatment so patients can develop and strengthen their relationship with God while recovering physically. The concept of mindfulness is based heavily on a person’s spiritual state, and receiving physical, mental, and spiritual assistance is essential in reaching sobriety.

Adult Addiction Treatment Program

Our Mature And Mindfulness Program is one kind of successful adult drug rehab program. The mature track at our Christian addiction recovery center focuses on the unique challenges that older adults face during their recovery and in their lives outside of treatment.

An individual’s responsibilities with their spouse, children, and work can all play a role in their recovery, and our mindfulness program addresses these topics in helpful and realistic ways. Understanding how responsibilities feed into addiction and affect the recovery process can help patients heal and live productive lives.

Services offered in our adult rehab program for addiction include:

Addiction treatment for older adults differs from treatment for young adults because it targets age-specific topics. Our mature program uses mindfulness for addiction and aims to help older adults build strong foundations for a successful recovery and lasting sobriety.

Our mature track can help adults learn healthy coping mechanisms and develop healthy habits they can incorporate into their lives after they’ve completed addiction treatment. Patients may also benefit from programs like our Christian residential treatment program during their recovery.

Our Adult Drug Rehab Program

Adults have different responsibilities that vary between work, family, spouses, and more. At Faith in Recovery, we understand the unique challenges adults must face to reach sobriety. That’s why we’ve developed effective approaches to addiction treatment for older adults, providing them with the age-specific care they need to successfully overcome their substance abuse struggles.

All addiction services and treatment plans for clients are determined via a clinical assessment. This assessment determines the severity of the individual’s addiction, the history of their drug use, whether they have any underlying health conditions, and other factors that could impact recovery. This allows us to choose the best course of treatment for our patients, as everyone’s experience with substance abuse and recovery is different.

If you or a loved one is battling addiction, our Christian drug rehabilitation center can help. Contact Faith in Recovery today to learn more about our Mature and Mindfulness Program as well as our other treatment options.

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