Levels of Care

Addiction Recovery Programs for All Levels of Care

Substance abuse is a major problem that can destroy a person’s entire life as well as those closest to them. People across the globe are affected by this disorder and struggle to regain control of their life. While your addiction may seem too overwhelming to overcome or you are not sure how to help a loved one in need, you do not need to go through this problem alone. Our Christian rehab center in Florida  is designed to help people overcome their addiction, strengthen their faith in God, and create a happier and healthier future no matter where they are in the recovery process.

Our Different Types of Rehab Programs

Addiction affects people differently depending on their background, drug of choice, severity of abuse, recovery goals, and even their faith in God. Because people are looking for help with various requirements and issues, our different types of treatment for addiction are there to address each patient’s personal needs and provide support for every step of the recovery journey. Our different types of faith-based addiction treatment programs are listed below.


Our medical detox programs are usually the first step to addiction recovery. With 24-hour support available, our staff will help patients safely and successfully wean their bodies off of drugs and/or alcohol.


This type of treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism involves a full-time commitment from the patient and provides a structured and supportive environment. As a Christian residential rehab, our daily programming centers around faith and we incorporate religious practices into our patient’s routines.


Patients in the faith-based partial hospitalization program will participate in spiritual programming throughout the day and stay in a sober living facility at night.


Our lowest level of care, this program supports patients during the transition back into their everyday life. A faith-based outpatient program provides regular programming that focuses on finding strength in God during this adjustment as well as combating addiction triggers that arise.

Determining the Right Faith-Based Type of Addiction Treatment

As a family member or close friend, it can be difficult to watch someone you love fall victim to a substance abuse problem and lose control. It is normal to be upset, confused, and even question your faith at this time. As an addict, you too may be feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. You may have hit rock bottom and your faith in God may be rattled. There is hope. While all of these options for treatment can be confusing, we are here to help.

It is not always easy to determine what type of treatment for addiction is best, but our addiction specialists are here to step in and guide you and your loved ones through this process. After an evaluation, we will help determine which type of faith-based addiction program will be the most effective. With time, you or your loved one will progress through the various addiction levels of care at a pace that is most conducive to long-term success.

At Faith in Recovery, we are here to help you or your loved one progress through the various levels of addiction care while also strengthening your connection with the Lord. Each patient will be guided by God along with professionals in their field. These experienced staff members include therapists, a behavioral health technician, and our Program Director & Chaplain. Together, they will help you find your faith and battle through your addiction until they confidently believe that you are able to return back to your everyday life.

At Faith in Recovery, we are here to help you or your loved one progress through the various levels of addiction care while also strengthening your connection with the Lord. You could get started on your journey to a better life today.