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February 3, 2019
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Incorporating Meditation in Recovery

Addiction is a dangerous disease that can affect the entire life of a person as well as those around them. Not only will your body experience physical changes, but you will also notice a change in your mental state over time.

Continual use of drugs and alcohol can affect the chemicals in your brain and, consequently, your thoughts and perceptions. You may begin to notice negative thoughts clouding your head as well as feelings of depression.

In order to overcome addiction and truly heal, you need to focus not only on healing your body, but healing your mind and spirit as well. An important part of the recovery process is practicing mindfulness; incorporating meditation in recovery is a great way to do this. There seems to be multiple meditation health benefits for addiction.

Meditation allows you to relax, disconnect, and focus on yourself. People often abuse alcohol or drugs as an escape from their thoughts. Meditation allows you to face these thoughts in a safe and open environment. Addicts in the early stages of recovery may find that they suffer from cravings, but meditation gives you more control over your thoughts as you start to recognize that you do not need to act on those cravings. Meditation may also allow you to recognize some of your personal addiction triggers so that you can avoid them with better success.

As your meditation in recovery progresses, your brain will experience chemical changes. You will be able to let go of the past and the negative thoughts that have been clouding your judgement for so long. Stress and anxiety are often triggers for drug and alcohol abuse, but incorporating meditation in recovery will help balance your emotions and minimize these feelings. [1] Some addicts may suffer from co-occurring disorders, like depression, alongside their addiction. Meditation could help you discover the root of your problem rather than focusing solely on the addiction. At our Christian drug rehab, we also believe in the power of meditation in recovery to connect with God and strengthen your faith.

Mindfulness and Meditation at Faith in Recovery

As part of our faith-based addiction treatment, we believe in a holistic approach to your recovery. Part of the holistic approach to recovery involves healing, not just the body but the mind as well. Our Christian recovery program uses meditation for alcoholism and drug addiction recovery. We believe that incorporating meditation in recovery will help you develop a strong sense of self outside of your addiction because you are more than your addiction.

Our faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center believes in treating both the body and mind as well as following spiritual principles in order to be truly healed. Our holistic approach allows you to move forward with your life and to see yourself through God’s eyes.

If you or a loved one is looked for a faith-based recovery program, call us at 888-280-4763 to get more information. It is never to late to ask for forgiveness. Start your recovery today.


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