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Sober Approach to Family Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is filled with celebrations, cold weather, and family traditions. Most of all, it’s the time of year to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Many family traditions include eating and drinking, which can be tough for a newly sober individual. If you’re celebrating your first sober holiday season, you may feel nervous about the social pressures to fit in and drink, and this can cause a lot of stress. If you are worried that triggers will be present during the holidays, there are ways to prepare for a successful and enjoyable outcome. By creating sober holiday traditions with your family, you will still be able to enjoy the holiday spirit while maintaining your recovery. Our Christian drug rehab in South Florida explains how you can have a great holiday season in recovery.

Prepare Your Family Members

It’s important to explain your sobriety to your family members so that they understand your journey. You should spend your holiday celebrations with supportive loved ones who will adjust certain traditions to make you feel comfortable. If your holiday traditions include drinking, why not create new ones this year? You can take a trip with family members or play games. Have everyone bring their favorite holiday dish. As long as the people you spend your time with are aware of your sobriety efforts, you should be able to avoid triggers and cravings and feel at ease.

Host Smaller Celebrations

For newly sober individuals, the thought of attending a large holiday party can seem daunting, even intimidating. If you can host a small and more intimate celebration you will be able to take control over your feelings, and your loved ones can help you through any struggles if they are present. You should surround yourself with loving and compassionate people who truly want the best for you.

The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Think about how far you have come in your recovery process and start to plan out your goals for the coming year. Creating sober holiday traditions will help you stay on track and you will be looking forward to every holiday season from now on!


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