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How Does Alcohol Affect Sperm?

Testosterone production and the male’s testicles are drastically affected by excessive drinking. How does alcohol affect sperm? Testosterone levels are reduced, testicles may shrink, and fertility due to a lower sperm count are highly possible effects. Plus, a man may have difficulty getting an erection, especially when intoxicated and attempting intercourse. If you desire to have children, you may want to read more about alcohol and sperm.

Does Alcohol Lower Sperm Count?

A healthy sperm count follows the production of testosterone, luteinizing hormone, and follicle-stimulating hormone. These hormones maintain Sertoli cells in the testicle. Sertoli cells give a protein that helps the sperm develop. Alcohol can affect sperm since drinking reduces the production and development of these hormones. A lower sperm count and distorted sperm are the results of alcohol abuse.

A study completed to test alcohol’s effects on male reproduction concluded that drinking affects the reproductive organs, particularly the testes, since they are more susceptible to alcohol-induced damage.1 The study pointed out that teenagers who drink are damaging their maturing testes, which will affect fertility in the future. Alcohol addiction treatment is highly recommended if a person is displaying signs of physical dependence.

How Long Does Alcohol Affect Sperm?

Drinking alcohol can affect sperm and fertility. Alcohol affects sperm motility since abuse can lead to low sperm count, shape and movement. The good news is that sperm can heal after excessive drinking. It may take up to three months before sperm production is back on track after the last drink. Yet, if an alcoholic forms liver damage, then this is another story.

Does Alcohol Affect Sperm When Trying to Get Pregnant?

Learning more about “how does alcohol affect sperm” may help an alcoholic seek addiction treatment sooner, especially if it’s a male who wishes to have children. There are a few effects that follow alcohol abuse and fertility. As mentioned, sperm production and motility are harmed but so is DNA. DNA in the sperm cells is destroyed due to the toxicity activated by the alcohol.

In addition, typical structures of sperm cells are destroyed and decrease sperm volume. The reproductive tract is overall negatively impacted due to these happenings. An infection is more common and likely to occur since healthy growth and development are depleted.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Our Faith-Based Recovery Center

From faith-based interventions to Bible studies, Banyan’s Faith in Recovery program offers numerous methods to help you during the treatment process. We offer an alcohol detox, where you are guided by experienced professionals in a safe and secure environment. The withdrawal process can be long and painful, but we are here to help you!

Speak to a professional about our Christian-based recovery programs by calling 888-280-4763 and asking about our residential addiction treatment program to get started today!

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