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June 5, 2018
Importance of Family Support for Addiction
July 31, 2018

How Faith Strengthens Sobriety

Banyan’s Faith in Recovery Program


Addiction can be a very dark and lonely place that addicts deal with on a daily basis.

Deciding to get the help you deserve will truly change your life for the better, and you will gain happiness again. There are many addiction treatment programs that will be customized to fit your needs and if you are looking for a spiritual approach to recovery, Faith in Recovery in Pompano Beach is here to effectively treat your addiction as well as help guide you spiritually on your recovery journey. There are many ways that faith can help strengthen your sobriety and this new perspective on life is exactly what our treatment specialists help our patients find.

Faith Adds Another Layer to Recovery

Addicts who have reached rock bottom from their substance abuse struggles may find it difficult to stay motivated to stick to treatment. When you add the faith-based approach to treatment it can hold much more meaning and allow you to find a new perspective during this process. You have the opportunity to strengthen or even establish a relationship with God at the same time as treating your active addiction. Faith-based treatment can also aid in long-term recovery efforts and when you are faced with challenging situations that can test your sobriety. Turning to your faith will help you stay strong and committed to your goals. Connecting with your faith also gives you the courage to believe that you can change your unhealthy behaviors and live a healthier lifestyle in recovery.

Faith guides your recovery efforts by helping you stay positive and motivated through all that life throws at you. Leaning on God in times of need can tremendously help your recovery journey. Faith in Recovery offers an addiction treatment program that integrates clinical therapies and faith-based ideas into customized programming. Individuals can expect to participate in Bible Studies, church services, and faith-based therapy sessions to name a few.


If you are struggling with substance abuse and you are in need of a major lifestyle change, faith-based treatment might be the right approach to addiction treatment for you. Contact Faith in Recovery today for more information about our programming and how we can help you truly recover at 888-280-4763.