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The Benefits of Prayer in Recovery

For many people, addiction recovery is about physical and mental healing, but recovery can also be an important spiritual journey.

As a Christian-based rehab in Florida, we understand that faith can help many people find lasting sobriety and prayer is a big part of staying faithful.

The Advantages of Prayer for Addiction Recovery

Many people underestimate the effects of prayer in our lives, but for someone in recovery from a substance abuse problem, praying can come with several added benefits. At Faith in Recovery, we are looking at the power of Christian prayer for recovery to help you through the good times and the bad.


Recovery from addiction can be a trying time. There may be days where you feel like giving up and caving into your cravings, but one of the benefits of prayer in recovery is that it can give you hope. When you are feeling weak, you can pray to God for strength and guidance. Praying can also remind you that you are never alone in your recovery journey and give you hope for a better future.

Mental Health Benefits

Substance abuse is often connected to mental illness or poor mental health, so people in recovery tend to be working on improving their mental health as well. Some research suggests that praying regularly can lead to mental health benefits. In some cases, prayer has been found to reduce anger, feelings of aggression, anxiety, and depression. 1,2 For someone in early recovery who may be experiencing these emotions frequently, prayer could offer some relief.


One of the advantages of prayer for addiction recovery is that it promotes a moment of daily self-reflection. For people who recently completed a faith-based addiction treatment program and are new to recovery, they are likely still trying to figure out how to navigate their sobriety. Life can be overwhelming, drug triggers can be everywhere, and there are both good and bad days. Praying in recovery allows people to step away from these distractions and analyze their day. This moment of pause can help people better recognize their emotions and responses to distractions as well as learn how to react better in the future.


Many people in recovery benefit from having a set routine in place. A schedule keeps them going when they may otherwise get complacent with their sobriety. One of the many benefits of praying every day in recovery is that it helps keep you in this routine. Whether you pray when you first wake up or right before bed, these few minutes of prayer can help you get back into your routine when you may have otherwise started to stay away from the healthy routine you originally created.

Physical Health Benefits

There may also be some physical health benefits of prayer in sobriety. Research has found correlations between positive religious coping like praying in hospitalized patients with improvements in physical health.3 For people in recovery whose bodies are still healing from the damaging effects of addiction, praying may aid them in this process.

Better Self Control

One of the most important benefits of prayer in recovery is its association with better self-control.4 Studies have found that people assigned to pray on a daily basis were found to have better self-control over their drinking habits and drink considerably less than the control group.5 For people in recovery, this increased self-control may help them avoid relapse.

Because there are so many benefits of prayer in recovery, doing so regularly could have a big impact on your sobriety. If you have yet to get started on the road to recovery, stop waiting. Our faith-based addiction therapies could help you find lasting sobriety and strengthen your relationship with God at the same time.

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