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Observing National Bible Week in Recovery

Recovery can often be a difficult journey, but it’s definitely worth it.

Addiction is a worldwide issue that has affected the lives of many people. Individuals who don’t seek help for addiction often struggle with health conditions that are sometimes permanent. This disease not only affects the addict but their loved ones as well.

At our faith-based rehab center, we encourage observing National Bible Week in recovery as a way to stay on the path of healing and to improve your relationship with God in the process. We’ve witnessed first-hand how scripture can help alleviate the stress and emotional pain of addiction. Spiritual healing is just as important as physical healing, and you or someone you know who is in recovery can benefit from participating in National Bible Week in November.

What is National Bible Week?

National Bible Week 2020 will be held on the week of Thanksgiving. National Bible Week advocates reading scripture. Each year, church leaders come together and prepare their messages to encourage others to read, listen to, and study the Bible. Groups in churches will hold events throughout National Bible Week to bring in new members and introduce others to scripture who may have never read or heard of the bible.

Scripture for Addiction Recovery

As a source of faith, hope, guidance, and strength, scripture has provided comfort and joy to many throughout difficult times. For individuals who struggle with addiction, overserving National Bible Week in recovery can help them in their healing process, maintain their sobriety, and strengthen their faith and relationship with God. Oftentimes, people tend to try and figure difficult things out on their own rather than seeking help, but you can seek comfort and guidance from the Bible.

Addiction can be difficult to overcome, but not impossible. Individuals who battle with addiction can begin their treatment with our medically monitored detox. During their treatment, patients will receive the proper care for their withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable environment. Not only will patients be able to begin healing physically, but spiritually as well.

How You Can Participate in National Bible Week, Even If You Aren’t in Recovery

Even if you aren’t in recovery, there are several ways you can still participate in National Bible Week. By expanding your faith and relationship with God, you can also serve as a source of comfort for others.

Read Scripture

As the name implies, National Bible Week advocates reading scripture. By reading through the many inspiring stories in the Bible, you can experience its messages of hope, faith, and love. You can also begin to develop or continue to strengthen your faith. This is also a great opportunity to meet with others you know who are also reading scripture and create a discussion group.

Attend A Church Service

Attending a church service is a good way to learn more about the origins of the Bible and faith. In church services, scripture is often studied and used as the source of the messages that are given. It’s an effective way to familiarize yourself with more scripture and to understand the material that may have been confusing.


Prayer is one way to put scripture into action. When you pray, you are having a conversation with God and building or reinforcing your relationship. Scripture also encourages people to pray for others. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction or other issues, praying for them is a positive way to be there for them.

At Faith in Recovery, we encourage our patients and their loved ones to study the Bible and pray for one another. In programs like our Christian residential treatment, we incorporate scripture and prayer to help patients recover.

Reach Out to Someone Who Is in Recovery

Even if you aren’t in recovery, you can reach out to someone you know who is and participate in National Bible Week alongside them. You can read the Bible with them, pray with them, and attend church services with them as well. By actively taking part in their recovery, you can provide a loving and impacting form of encouragement.

Our dedicated team knows how observing National Bible Week in recovery can help individuals who battled with substance abuse heal spiritually. Addiction can cause different levels of damage but reading scripture can help you overcome the distress and strengthen your resolve.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you don’t have to go through it alone. Do not hesitate to get help. Call us now 888-280-4763.