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Tips for Maintaining Your Faith in Sobriety
December 26, 2018
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Alcohol Binge Drinking Effects 
February 1, 2019

Signs You’re Losing Your Faith and What to Do

For those who turned to faith during the addiction recovery journey, it can be hard to maintain spirituality in everyday life. Sometimes we can get caught up with our busy schedules that we lose our faith or our desire to connect with God. A sober individual will use faith to guide them through challenging situations as well as keep them on track with recovery efforts. Turning to God for inspiration and motivation is a very powerful practice and individuals may wonder what to do if this connection is lost. Our Christian drug rehab professionals provide the clear signs that you are losing faith during sobriety and what to do if this occurs. Devoting your life to maintaining sobriety takes commitment and strength from a higher power.

You Aren’t Praying Anymore

The spiritual approach to addiction recovery includes taking the time to pray to a higher power. Once you are in active recovery, if you find that you aren’t praying on a daily basis, this can be a sign that you are losing faith during sobriety. Praying less can lead to lost hope and faith in God.


If you constantly feel lonely and isolated, you may be losing faith in your recovery efforts. It’s so important to be surrounded by a supportive network of individuals who have the same values and motives when it comes to your faith. Spending less time with these loved ones can be an indication that you are prioritizing other areas of your life over your faith.

How to Get Closer to God

If you have become lost along the way, it’s important to understand that you can always reconnect with God. Attend a church service or take out your bible in order to strengthen your spiritual connection. By expressing gratitude for your recovery efforts, you can immediately get back on track and remember why you went on this journey in the first place.

If you are suffering from addiction and you don’t know where to turn, contact our Christian drug rehab today at 888-280-4763. We can help anyone fully overcome this disease while also strengthening their relationship with God.


If you or your loved one is struggling from substance abuse, it’s time to get help. Contact our Christian drug rehab today at 888-280-4763.