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Church for Addiction Recovery

As a Christian rehab in Florida, we strongly believe in the power of faith to guide you through your journey to sobriety.

Church for addiction recovery is a great way to help you connect with God and develop healthy habits that can create a good foundation for lasting sobriety. While Christian recovery programs will help you fully surrender to your faith during addiction treatment, church is a good place to start.

Why You Should Go to Church in Recovery

At Faith in Recovery, we believe that there are countless reasons to attend church for addiction recovery, but we have listed a few of the most important.

Especially if you are looking for faith-based addiction recovery, churches allow you to connect with God and find strength in your faith. When you are struggling to overcome your addiction or pulling yourself out of rock bottom, God will be there to help you through. Churches will help you set aside time each week devoted to your faith and keep you in routine.

Many people attend church for the community of support that it creates. Churches allow for people of different backgrounds and history to come together to connect under one God. Attending church during recovery will give you more support, and you will want all of the extra support you can get to help you through this difficult time.

Along with finding a new community, you have a group of like-minded people around you. When attending church on a regular basis, you will stumble across many people who are devoted to the church and their faith. Chances are that you will be able to find a group of people who are less inclined to drink or do drugs. By surrounding yourself with these people, you will be able to have a group of friends available to spend time with without the pressures of doing drugs or drinking.

Many churches frequently hold community activities or events. By getting involved, you are able to immerse yourself in a variety of sober activities that will keep you busy and distract you from your drug cravings. Their volunteer opportunities may also give you a new sense of purpose to fill the void that was left behind by your addiction.

Accountability. After you attend church on a regular basis and get to know other members, you will have people who can hold you accountable. If you begin to miss a few weeks in a row, they should notice and will hopefully reach out. These people might prevent you from falling back into your addiction habits or from straying from your faith.

Attending church regularly can increase your mental health as well. One study found that people who attend church services even just once a month have a 22% lower risk of depression compared to those who never attend church.1 Because drug abuse and mental illness often go hand-in-hand, it is important to work on both during recovery.

Church is just the beginning. Our Christian drug rehab in Pompano works with people to help them find forgiveness and overcome their addiction struggles while embracing the power of the Lord.


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