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May 1, 2020
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The Best Christian Songs for Recovery from Substance Abuse

Music can be an outlet for healing as well as a form of therapy. While the popular songs on the radio may be favorites for many, this type of music may not be for you.

You want something that leaves you feeling empowered or gives you strength when you are feeling weak. Christian music offers more uplifting and powerful messages than many other genres of music. It can remind people of God’s grace and lift your spirit. Especially if you are currently in early recovery, what you listen to is even more important and could help with your sobriety journey.

Christian Songs for People in Recovery

When you are working through a substance abuse problem, every means of support can help. Christian music is another resource to not only help you strengthen your faith but also to support you through the challenging times. So, if you are currently going through a faith-based outpatient program or already in recovery, turn up these top Christian songs for recovery that could help you with the process.

“You Can Change” by Julie Yardley

A good Christian song for recovery, this song focuses on changing for the better, a common theme in recovery. On days when you are wrestling with your past and struggling to forgive yourself, this song may be a welcome message you need to hear to give you hope.

“Love Comes Down” by Matt Maher

An uplifting and upbeat song about the wonders of God’s grace, “Love Comes Down” is a good Christian song for recovery because its message emphasizes forgiveness. Many recovery addicts struggle with their faith because they believe that God could never possibly forgive them for all of their sins, but this song talks about how God gives forgiveness for all those who repent.

“You Are More” by Tenth Avenue North

This song gives reassurance that your past mistakes alone cannot define you. It repeats that “you’ve been remade” and offers hope to those who may be feeling shame or guilt surrounding their past. Even after going to a Christian residential treatment center, many recovering addicts struggle with these emotions, so “You Are More” can offer them reassurance that who they are today matters more than their past wrongdoings.

“God of Grace” by Finding Faith

For those people who feel like God saved them from their addiction, “God of Grace” is a celebration. The song focuses on trusting in the Lord and giving your whole self to God. It can be a powerful anthem for those who may have struggled with their faith in the past when they were an addict but have now found both sobriety and God.

Addiction recovery is a long journey, so you need to find what works best for you and what will best support you in your journey. If popular Christian songs for recovery are not helping, try other resources. There are plenty of Christian books to read during recovery that you may find more helpful. You could also try joining a prayer group and lean on others for support.


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