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Benefits of Faith-Based Addiction Treatment

73% of addiction treatment programs in the United States include a spirituality-based element, such as the 12 Step Program.1

Substance use disorders are chronic diseases that usually worsen when treatment is lacking. Thousands of people in the U.S. currently suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism. Much of this addiction has been caused by the opioid crisis. Although there are more available options for care, treatment methods that only focus on the physical impact and not the spiritual impact of addiction fail to address all patients’ needs. As a Christian drug rehab in Florida, we firmly believe that faith is a beneficial component to treating addiction. We’re sharing some benefits of faith-based addiction treatment like the kind offered at our facility.

What Are the Benefits of Christian Drug Addiction Treatment?

Whether you are or aren't a Christian who’s seeking addiction treatment, it’s crucial to find a rehab center that offers resources for both physical and spiritual recovery. Below are some significant benefits of faith-based addiction treatment and why you should consider it for yourself or a loved one in need of help.

Reduced Likelihood of Relapse

One study found that up to 82% of clients who experienced a spiritual awakening during addiction treatment and recovery were completely abstinent at a 1-year follow-up compared to 55% of patients who hadn’t experienced a spiritual awakening.1 This may be because relapse is often the result of loneliness, isolation, and unaddressed negative emotions, each of which is addressed in scripture. Many people in difficult situations (like addiction) often feel as if they’ve been neglected or are unloved by God. Christian-based drug rehab programs teach patients who God is and remind them of His love for them. Realizing that they aren’t alone in their struggles and that God loves them is a powerful encouragement to stay sober.

Lowered Anxiety

As it reads in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Trust and confidence are two of the most common things addicts lose to drugs and alcohol, either in themselves or others. These traits are what define faith, and a lack of faith can lead to high levels of anxiety. God wants us to confide in Him and lay our burdens on Him because He knows we can’t handle life on our own. Christian rehab programs that teach the importance of faith also teach that God is trustworthy and that He is not like everyone else. He’s bigger than addiction and all of the other problems that come with it. This knowledge comes as a great relief to people in addiction recovery who have lost relationships because of their drug problem or who don’t have a support system at home. Not only do they learn that God is reliable and loves them, but it also encourages them to behave in ways that are pleasing to Him, which includes being sober. As it says in Hebrews 11:6: “And without faith, it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”

Healthy Coping Skills

Most, if not all, Christian-based drug rehab programs incorporate scripture in their group sessions and therapy treatments. For instance, at Faith in Recovery, we offer bible studiesand other resources that involve studying scripture because it offers some great advice. Scripture addresses every kind of situation that we may struggle with. From sin to obedience, the Bible provides guidance in coping with the most challenging situations. Many people question the connection between addiction and sin. Although addiction is a disease, it can cause people to disobey God A.K.A. sin. Things like lying and cheating are common behaviors related to substance abuse that are also addressed in the Bible. The idea of using scripture for addiction recovery is not to shame people but rather to show them why these behaviors are harmful and what they can do instead to stay sober and keep their relationships with God and their loved ones intact.

Additionally, other benefits of Christian substance abuse treatment include lowered depression, a positive outlook on life, healthy stress management skills, and hopefulness. Our Christian drug rehab programs have helped numerous patients recover from addiction and develop a strong relationship with God.

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