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September 23, 2022
LAAM Drug Addiction Signs, Side Effects, Treatment
LAAM Drug Addiction: Signs, Side Effects, & Treatment
September 28, 2022

What Is the Difference Between Dilaudid and Morphine

Morphine vs. Dilaudid 

Throughout the history of modern medicine, pain management has grown to be one of the most important, lucrative, and dangerous avenues of drug use. Pain is something that can inhibit our ability to work, study, and care for others, and as such, leads to normalized use of pain relievers. 

The most famous, or should we say infamous, example of a universal pain reliever is morphine, a narcotic analgesic substance responsible for granting the user a sense of relaxation, drowsiness, and temporary relief from pain. Consequently, as our understanding of addiction and side effects grew, alternatives were sought out to help fill the gaps in the treatment of those susceptible to these issues. 

Faith in Recovery takes a closer look at this substance, a rapidly rising alternative, and the concept of morphine vs. Dilaudid in a medical setting. 

The History of Morphine 

Around 1804, the German chemist F.W.A Sertürner first isolated morphine from the substance known as opium. It is a naturally occurring compound that has been used for pain relief in cancer treatment and following other medical procedures. It produces a calming sensation in patients that can protect the system from traumatic shock, heart failure, and internal bleeding. A benefit of morphine is it can be taken orally or through injection. 

Morphine is classified as an opioid and general depressant that can slow down the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems. Its greatest hindrance is its level of addictiveness, and it serves as a primary ingredient in the addictive illicit substance, heroin 

Doctors tasked with prescribing morphine need to be very careful in their dosing and monitoring of the patient, as the addictiveness and possible side effects can be life-altering. To aid in this challenge, Dilaudid was born. 

What Is Dilaudid? 

Dilaudid is the brand name of hydromorphone, an opioid analgesic that can be used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It affects the nervous system's response to pain, and it is available in liquid, tablet, and extended-release forms.  

Dilaudid can produce a variety of side effects, including: 

  • Dry mouth 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Feelings of anxiety and depression 
  • Intense sweating 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Itchiness 

If more serious side effects present themselves, patients should contact their physicians immediately. 

Is Dilaudid Stronger Than Morphine 

Both opioids are used primarily in the realm of pain relief. The primary difference between the two is that the former is considerably more potent than the latter, which has proven to have both positive and negative outcomes.  

For example, a patient prescribed 10mg of morphine can be switched to taking only 2mg of Dilaudid while the degree of pain relief stays the same. Older patients may be switched in order to assist in the management of morphine side effects, limiting the possible reactions they could otherwise have. Sadly, a drug that potent raises the likelihood of abuse. 

The Importance of Drug Potency in the Realm of Addiction 

Why an individual becomes addicted is a very personal experience. Some enjoy the euphoric feelings, while others simply can’t handle the pain that envelops them after their prescription has worn off. Even when this happens, it is crucial not to deviate from the instructions of medical professionals. 

It is easy to relax in the belief that we know our own bodies better than anyone else, but this mindset can pave a dangerous path toward addiction that many struggle to break away from until it's too late. Patients must always remember the potency of the substance they are taking and why. 

At Banyan, our approach to faith-based recovery provides a variety of effective treatment options designed to guide you towards sobriety through mental, physical, and spiritual means. No matter what stage of addiction you may be working through, our medically monitored detox program is an excellent option to assist you through the withdrawal process and kick-start you on a successful path of Christian addiction recovery. 

For more information on our Christian drug rehab, call Faith in Recovery at 888-280-4763 today! 

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