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How to Tell Your Parents You’re an Addict Over the Holidays

From sharing meals together to family traditions, a big part of the holidays is spending time with both your immediate and extended family.

For many people, this is an enjoyable and fun occasion, but for an addict ready to come clean, this may be intimidating. Especially if you do not see your family on a regular basis, deciding how to tell your parents you’re an addict can be stressful.

How to Tell Your Family You Have a Drug Problem

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed but carrying your addiction secret around can make them far less enjoyable. At Faith in Recovery, we want to help you take this weight off of your shoulders, so follow these tips to telling your family you’re an addict over the holidays so that you can both still enjoy this season.

They may already know. If you have been struggling for a while now, there is a good chance that your family at least suspects that there is something wrong. They may still be upset, but they should be relieved that they now know what the problem is and that you are now admitting you have a problem.

Pick the right time to talk. It isn’t just about how to tell your parents you’re an addict, but also when. While there will never be a perfect time, telling your parents right before guests are about to arrive for your annual Christmas Eve party or as you are headed to church is probably not the best idea. Choose a time after dinner or on a quiet afternoon and give them a bit of heads up that you need to talk to them about something important.

Just say it. The longer you wait to tell them, the more damage that can be done for both you and your relationship with your family. Before you can take the next step and get sober, you need to have this conversation with them.

Write a letter. If you simply cannot get the words to say it aloud, try writing your parents a letter. It may be easier to express your feelings on paper rather than aloud. You could even write everything down first and then read them the letter aloud.

Pray for strength. It is natural to feel afraid, apprehensive or lost, but prayer and seeking God’s guidance can help you through. As a Christian drug rehab in Pompano, we know just how important leaning on your faith in the recovery process can be. Let Him guide.

Come in with a plan. Telling your parents about your addiction is one thing, but telling them that you are ready to get help is another. When you first tell them about your drinking or drug problems, they may react with an abundance of mixed emotions. The best way to reassure them is to talk about what your plan is moving forward. Tell them you are ready to get treatment or that you have already started looking into a faith-based PHP near you.

Remember that admitting that you have a problem and telling your parents is a big step. No matter how they may react, you should be proud of yourself.

Now that you are ready to tell your family you have a drug problem, do not stop there. The next step is getting formal help like our Christian residential addiction treatment.

Begin your journey to a sober and promising New Year with us and the Lord by your side. Call us at 888-280-4763 today.


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