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March 5, 2020
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The Best Christian Apps for Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery isn’t easy. It is a long and trying journey that requires support in order to be successful in the long run.

Even though your time at a Christian rehab may be up, it doesn’t mean that you are now alone. A whole network of support and resources for your recovery is right at your fingertips.

The Top Christian Apps for Recovering Addicts

Faith can be a great guiding principle for your sobriety journey, but it doesn’t have to only mean prayer or going to church. These religious apps for recovery are here to help you along the way and are always within reach.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is similar to the 12-step program but is focused specifically on the words of Jesus. At Faith in Recovery, we offer a Celebrate Recovery program for our patients, but they can now continue this journey outside of treatment with this phone app.

Sermon Audio

Sometimes the word of God can be hard to understand on your own, especially when you are going through personal struggles like addiction recovery. To help you with your understanding, Sermon Audio is a phone app that gives you access to free sermons. You can search through the collection and find sermons that speak to you on a personal level and relate to your own addiction struggles.

Addiction Recovery Devotionals

Everyone needs a little encouragement, especially those going through early recovery. This Christian app is designed specifically to provide daily devotionals for recovering addicts. This extra support can help them find strength with their faith during their recovery journey.

d365 Daily Devotional

Several Christians find strength in daily devotionals. While this is not an app for Christians in recovery, specifically, it can help the devoted recovering addict during their sobriety journey. Along with reading daily devotionals, the user can look at past devotionals and listen to original music.

12 Steps AA Companion

The 12 steps are a well-known and popular program that was originally developed for alcoholics. This app follows the original 12-step principles to help alcoholics in their sobriety journey. If you went through faith-based alcohol abuse treatment and are now sober, this Christian app for addiction recovery may be helpful in keeping you on the right track.

If you are in recovery, it is important to actively work on your sobriety and these Christian apps for addiction recovery can help.

If you have yet to take steps to get sober or know someone who wants to overcome their substance abuse problems, let us help. At Faith in Recovery, we offer Christian programming for our patients so that they can heal physically, mentally, and spiritually during their time with us.

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