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Staying Faithful During Recovery in Isolation

With the coronavirus pandemic, people are being asked to stay at home and avoid contact with others.

This has proven challenging for many, but for people in early recovery from a substance abuse disorder who typically rely on outside support, this may be an especially tall order. On top of the lack of support, the devastation from the coronavirus has also shaken many people’s faith. In such a trying time, it may be tempting to stray from God, but staying faithful during quarantine is more important now more than ever before.

How to Stay Sober & Faithful During Quarantine

As a Christian rehab center in Florida, we understand the impact that faith can have in the addiction recovery process. For many people, their faith becomes a guiding principle that leads them to the path of sobriety and helps them stay there. While COVID-19 may cause some people to question their faith, staying faithful during recovery in isolation may be what helps you stay sober.


Especially if you feel your faith being tested during the coronavirus, it is a good time to pray. Pray for understanding. Pray for sobriety. Pray for strength. Pray for your loved one. Prayer can not only be cathartic, but you may also find that your prayers are answered.


Instead of watching hours of endless television, pick up a book instead. There are plenty of faith-based books to read during recovery that can help guide you through this trying time and strengthen your faith during quarantine. You can also reread your favorite scripture from The Bible or have a virtual Bible study with others.

Practice Mindfulness

With more free time on your hands and a lot on your mind, now is a good time to practice Christian meditation and mindfulness. Both can help you find clarity in your thoughts while following the path of God. These practices can not only strengthen your faith during social isolation, but also help you to avoid relapse from stress or anxiety.

Rely on Technological Support

Staying faithful during recovery in isolation may be the most challenging because you feel like you don’t have your normal support systems to rely on. Although you may not be able to go to church or attend an AA meeting, you can still find this support through technology. With the stay-at-home orders in place, many organizations, churches, and groups are transitioning to online platforms and holding virtual meetings. Continue to “attend” the gatherings that you normally would and do even more. Listen to extra sermons online, attend more virtual meetings, or download Christians apps for recovery to aid in your journey. Now more than ever you may need the extra support.

The coronavirus may be testing your faith, but it is important to trust in the Lord and to rely on Him to guide you during this difficult time. If you do relapse, it is okay. It might be part of God’s plan for you, but it is important not to let this slip-up lead you back down the path to addiction.


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