Religion & Drug Prevention: Looking at Faith as An Anti-Drug
July 2, 2020
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Practicing Gratitude in Recovery
July 20, 2020

Sharing Your Christian Testimony in Recovery

Finding God is a journey, but once you have found your faith, your life will never be the same. For many people, finding God is like starting over..

These people who experience such a revelation of faith want to share their stories, especially if their life before and after finding Him is drastically different. For people who found sobriety with God’s help, many want to share their Christian testimony in recovery to spread God’s grace and help others who may be struggling with similar problems.

What Is a Christian Testimony?

A Christian testimony is a person’s story of how they found God, including how their life has changed because of it. Sometimes referred to as a Christian conversion story, these powerful tales are a way for people to share their personal experiences and relationship with God with other people. These stories can be written, spoken, long, or fairly short, but they are often used to help others find the light and the way of God.

Because everyone has a unique story to tell regarding their relationship with the Lord, personal testimonies can take on many forms. Some possible Christian testimony examples in recovery may include descriptions of:
  • God appearing or speaking to someone at rock bottom to get help
  • Finding God at a Christian drug rehab
  • A reminder from God to stay on the path to recovery
  • Answered prayers surrounding sobriety

While the youth may be a telling population, a study on adults age 60 and older found a similar connection between religion and drug prevention. No religious affiliation among the population was associated with an 88% increased risk of alcohol abuse; in contrast, having evangelical affiliations decreased the odds of being a tobacco user by 51%.3 No matter what age or background, it appears that religious involvement can be an important factor in decreasing substance abuse.

How to Write a Christian Testimony in Recovery

If you recently completed Christian residential treatment and are now sober, it may be time to spread the word about your journey to recovery. Sometimes telling your Christian testimony in recovery can help someone else find God and begin their journey to sobriety.

Sharing your Christian testimony in recovery can be challenging the first time, but it usually becomes easier with time. If you are struggling to find the right words, writing it down is a good start. These tips for writing your Christian testimony can help you create a powerful testimony that encourages others to listen.
  • Do some freewriting to begin. You may have a revelation that you were unable to put into words before.
  • Break your Christian testimony into sections, including your life before you found God, how you found God, and how your life has changed since finding Him.
  • Look to the Bible or listen to others in recovery for Christian testimony examples.
  • Pray for God’s guidance before writing.
  • Choose specific and meaningful events like the moment you decided to get help or the moment you realized God’s grace could save you.
  • Be honest. Many recovering addicts have setbacks in their recovery even after finding God, but this is all a part of your spiritual journey and a way to continue to strengthen your faith. It can also give hope to others who may have relapsed.
  • Practice your testimony aloud once you think you have written something you like.
At Faith in Recovery, we understand the power of faith in God for people in their recovery to sobriety. To help people find Him or strengthen their relationship with God, we use several faith-based addiction therapies meant to act as a frequent reminder of God’s grace during the recovery process.

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