Intensive Inpatient Program

Intensive Inpatient Program at Faith in Recovery

At Faith in Recovery, our intensive inpatient program incorporates a staff of highly trained physicians, assistants, and medical personnel to ensure the patient’s needs are met. The main goal of our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab center is to offer safe and effective addiction treatment to help our patients achieve their recovery goals while including faith-based practices. Our intensive inpatient program is meant to guide patients through every step of their addiction recovery and offer the tools they’ll need to sustain their sobriety after they’ve left rehab. The Faith in Recovery team provides drug and alcohol treatment at our comfortable and safe rehab facility in Pompano Beach. We maintain a supportive environment by incorporating counseling and therapy sessions in our intensive inpatient program. We understand the many difficulties and complications that can occur in addiction recovery, so we offer as much help as we can to mitigate any possible issues. As a faith-based drug rehab, we combine religion and drug prevention to help those struggling with addiction build their faith and find sobriety.

Our intensive inpatient program is a level of care designed for patients who require more medical assistance and supervision than what is already offered in our residential treatment program. Patients in our Christian intensive inpatient program receive round-the-clock care, daily therapy sessions, group sessions, access to community support groups, and spiritual guidance. Taking back control of your life from an addiction can be a grueling and challenging process without the right kind of help. Fortunately, our Christian rehab in Florida offers a safe and comfortable place where patients can recover from their drug or alcohol addictions and build up their faith. Our individualized intensive inpatient program also utilizes our Christian addiction programs and therapies to help patients heal both physically and spiritually.

What to Expect During Inpatient Treatment

Faith in Recovery’s intensive inpatient rehab program addresses the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of our patients to ensure a successful and long-lasting sobriety. Although inpatient requires clients to live onsite, there are many benefits to this type of rehab program that may not be available in outpatient treatment. One major benefit of our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program is that patients are separated from toxic everyday environments that present addiction triggers. By separating patients from people, places, and things that could make it difficult to recover, we’re giving them the opportunity to focus on their sobriety without distractions. As a professional treatment center, we also offer the benefits of a safe and comfortable facility where clients can concentrate on their physical and spiritual healing.

At our Christian rehabilitation facility, we offer different levels of care that allow us to help as many patients as possible. Everyone’s experience with addiction is different and we want to make sure that we can address the individual needs of each patient that walks through our doors. Before receiving any form of treatment, patients will undergo a clinical assessment with one of our team members to create an addiction treatment plan that works for them. For most patients, our intensive inpatient program comes after they’ve undergone a medically monitored detox. During detox treatment, patients will receive 24-hour medical assistance to safely get through withdrawal symptoms. After detox, the client can move onto their addiction treatment with a clean slate.

Our intensive inpatient program at Faith in Recovery offers an effective and comprehensive approach to treating addiction. For more information about our facility and addiction programs, contact us today.